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evernote business (Archived) Upgrading To Business A View

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C6REW    415

Hi All,

I thought I would give you a run down on my upgrade to business from premier if you are thinking of doing it. I won't go into pricing which is on another topic and I am awaiting a response from the business team.

My big concern is that the transfer of folders and files was quite a laborious task. Unfortunately in doing so I discovered that some notes had been duplicated and put in the wrong place. For the most part this is not a problem as we are only going to be 2 users for the next year. But what I would describe as sensitive information could easily have been read by others had I chosen to add them. This is a cause for concern and I cannot begin to understand how it happened.

I only have about 2,300 notes and it has taken me most of the weekend (amongst other tasks) to go through and make sure everything is where it should be. So if you long serving members of Evernote with many thousands of notes decide to upgrade then I suggest very strongly that you put aside a weekend to get it right and make sure the notes are in the correct location before starting to 'share' with colleagues.

Overall I am pleased with the upgrade. For me the useful feature is having all my quotations and other documents available for other users. I know this could easily be done in premium, but in the business version it makes a lot more sense in the way it is layed out and operates. The extra cost seems to be worthwhile so far, if I am only charged for two users!

I have checked it on all platforms apart from an iPhone and had to upgrade the iMac to the latest version, something I was avoiding. I would suggest if you need 'business' to run on a Mac it is worth upgrading beforehand and get yourself used to the 'new way of working'. The sharp learning curve did not help the business installation process. But as I say, over the weekend meant I could spend time in getting everything operational.

Windows needed to be upgraded to the current beta version to allow me to add 'import folders' for the documents I wanted in the 'business library'. I have been bitten by beta version in my past, but am pleased to say this one appears to work well so far.

If I think of anything else I will let you know.

Anyone in the UK, Wiltshire, Devizes area who wants to pop over and have a look, drop me a message.

Best regards


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