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Evernote Moleskin just arrived! What are your plans?

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While I think Moleskin looks cool I have to admit I just don't quite get it. Most of my notes go straight into EN including meeting agendas, meeting minutes and action items, Blog post ideas and drafts. Ok - some things I write down and then scan into EN later. But why would I want to pay for a Moleskin when a nice graph tablet will do?

I'm seriously looking for help with this so I have an excuse to buy one but at this point I'll stick to my cheap (read free) tablets.

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Yeah. I'm an Evernote and a Moleskin fan. I'm planning on using my Moleskin for math courses and complex scribbles that Evernote can't handle. I also work on a lot of projects where carrying a notebook is pragmatic but using a tablet isn't.

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