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  1. All the angry energy as of late has been focused on the 8.0 update (understandably). But I'm curious to see how other people feel about the Apple Pencil integration. Does it work for you? How do you use it?
  2. Awesome. I've been using Evernote for BJJ too (lowly white belt). I write daily logs on what we covered that day, who I rolled with, what I learned. I haven't really figured out a tagging system that works for me, though.
  3. The only malware here is "Avast" itself.
  4. The fact that the Today widget doesn't show your shortcuts makes me think that the Evernote staff have no understanding of iOS. This is so obviously the thing to do that it hurts.
  5. This isn't a solution to your problem, but you could easily create a script in the Workflow app that would have similar functionality. EDIT: There. I did it for you. This workflow, when run on iOS, will create a new note in Evernote with a title based on your current calendar event. If there is no current event, then it'll use the current location as the title. https://workflow.is/workflows/06eb9e79be4f4025ab859a634fec66c5
  6. This seems like it'd be kind of important and I don't see a button. Maybe there's a hotkey? Ctrl + L used to work (I think).
  7. I want to love this app but I can't find a place for it in my life. It just doesn't seem very useful. Can anyone post some sample pages? The lack of a zoom doesn't help either. It feels like I'm trying to take notes on an index card with a marker. I can write, but there's no room to write anything substantial.
  8. Yeah. I'm an Evernote and a Moleskin fan. I'm planning on using my Moleskin for math courses and complex scribbles that Evernote can't handle. I also work on a lot of projects where carrying a notebook is pragmatic but using a tablet isn't.
  9. It's so sleek, I don't want to taint it! I'm holding off on using it till a good project or opportunity comes along. How do you plan on using your moleskin? For those who don't know: http://www.moleskine...-notebooks.html
  10. This isn't going to answer your entire question, but I created a new notebook for collecting all my clippings and whatever. I still have my default notebook (which I refer to as "Home") where I would put my PL.
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