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  1. The new "Upgrade" has caused me to switch to Noteshelf.
  2. Most corporate users will not be able to move past Windows 7 for a long time after a stable (well it's windows so let's say somewhat stable) next version is released.
  3. Hi and thanks for asking! My name is Rick and I recently started a blog centered around Evernote. This suite of software has helped me so much in the past year and I see people who are new to it working hard to wrap their heads around it so I thought I'd try my hand at helping them. The site is only a week old as I write this so the content is just getting cranked up. I'm definitely open to cross-pollination of sites.
  4. While I think Moleskin looks cool I have to admit I just don't quite get it. Most of my notes go straight into EN including meeting agendas, meeting minutes and action items, Blog post ideas and drafts. Ok - some things I write down and then scan into EN later. But why would I want to pay for a Moleskin when a nice graph tablet will do? I'm seriously looking for help with this so I have an excuse to buy one but at this point I'll stick to my cheap (read free) tablets.
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