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Hi Folks

A few notes on my decrepit old Scanner a 3 or 4 year old MP190 All in one machine :)

Unlike many on this forum I don't have a whole bunch of stuff to digitise - But in common with all of you, I want rid of papers - especially the ones I can't find just when I need 'em!

My solution seems to be working out along these lines

1. if it is already digital leave it alone - [i use Dropbox to sync across 3 machines and the android app for my HTC phone - So pretty much anything can be gotten hold of fairly quickly]

Paper stuff - I'm using my old scanner because volume wise I can't justify the expense of say £170 for one of those superb snapscan machines - this may change as I get more 'into the project'

I have the MP190 set as follows - I double click the Scan button on the machine and when the software pops up I then choose TEXT/OCR from the drop down menu and set the resolution to 400dpi - this then remains set for good.

I scan the item and when it is completed I select 'save as pdf' the item then goes into a folder I have named 'paperdump'

Evernote is set to watch this folder and the item is automatically synced

The whole process is a little slow but the pdf's are fully searchable in EN - except for the scrappy ones printed on thermal paper - I make sure to give them a descriptive file name though.

The MP190 cost me £30 on ebay a couple of years ago - and I know there are plenty of refurbs about :)

So far so good

Hope this is useful to someone :)




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Yes, not everyone has a need for a super fast scanner or a fleet of scanners. Whatever works for you is good. :)

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As an additional note - I have been experimenting with settings and find that by selecting ' use scanner driver' it is possible to scan business cards with some accuracy and send them to evernote as searchable pdfs

it just gets better


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