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Display hotkeys in "mouse-over" help.


When hovering the mouse over a GUI element, the associated hotkey should be displayed. This approach would allow "learning by doing" of work processes, without the need to repeatedly read documentation for basic interactions, and has become a defacto standard for desktop software, and is even available here in the Forum editor.

Otherwise, it would already help to have a list of hotkeys available.

On the long run, it would also help a lot to have configurable hotkeys, since the Evernote team cannot possibly predict all keyboards people are going to use. As an example, GMail has had for years hotkeys such as "Ctrl+Alt+[" which cannot be triggered on a German keyboard. Only "modifier keys plus default 26 latin letters" is safe for even Western keyboard layouts, with "Modifier keys plus number" already potentially failing to be registered correctly across keyboards, depending on the detection method.

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Don't know if the installed app shortcuts have been applied in the web account.  There are some lists here -  [...]

Sadly, they haven't. Some basic hotkeys (like Ctrl+B) are available, but there doesn't seem to be any documentation on which ones are.

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