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Revert to a previous version 8.20 in iOS

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 With the latest update of 8.21, I’ve had zoom in and out issues. How do I revert back to 8.20 until they get this issue resolved for both iOS and android?

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It is only possible through workarounds to revert to older versions:

  • With iTunes before ver 12.7 you could reinstall prior versions of apps via iTunes 
  • If iTunes is beyond ver 12.7, this is no longer possible. Then there may be a way through the Apple configurator.

Both methods will not work in any case, depending on app history and availability, and they are still workarounds. If you need How-to-details I please search for it yourself. I just found some German explanation, and it sounds more complicated than practical.

By the way, I am quite happy with 8.21 both on my iPad Pro and my iPhone...

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