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Shane D.

Member Level Progression Rules

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Member Level Criteria: Updated (Jan 29, 1019)
Our community’s member levels are determined by commenting activity—when you reach a certain level, you are automatically placed into a new group with a new member title. (To see the badges associated with each level, go here)
  1. Guest - New User/Not logged in
  2. Level 1 - 0-9 posts; Must have first post approved by Admin
  3. Level 2  - 10-99 posts
  4. Level 3 -100+ posts
  5. Level 4 - 300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval
  6. Level 5 - 500+;  75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval
Member Level Access/Perks:
  1. Guest (New User/0 Posts) - User has not, or is not, signed in and may only be browsing. They cannot create or reply to posts, use any forum features, and they will only have ‘view’ access. Once a user signs in or registers with an account and posts, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 1 status.
  2. Level 1 (0-9 posts)- Once a user signs in, their first attempted post must be verified by an Admin.  Once their first post is approved, they will be able to post content that will be immediately viewable to the forum community. Additionally, Level 1 cannot post more than 5 times in one day, start more than 5 conversations/PM's in a day, cannot message more than 1 recipient in a conversation/PM at one time, and are limited to 5 reactions per day.  On their 10th successful post, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 2 status.
  3. Level 2 (10-99 posts) - Have all permissions available to Level 1. Additionally, they do not have content post, conversation, messaging, or reaction limits. On their 100th successful post, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 3 status.
  4. Level 3 (100+ posts) -  Have all permissions available to Level 2. Additionally,  Level 3 users can use profile signatures. After achieving 300 posts, and a reputation score of 50 points, they will be upgraded to Level 4 after admin approval.
  5. Level 4 (300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval) - Have all permissions available to Level 3. Additionally, Level 4 users can report content for direct review by Evernote Staff.
  6. Level 5 (500+ posts; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval)- Have all permissions and moderator powers available to Level 4.  Additionally, their posts and replies will be highlighted. 
Reporting and Moderation:
Reporting Posts (Available to Level 4/5) - Reporting posts flags content and places it in a review queue. At that time, the person who is flagging the content can add a note about why they are flagging the content. Once in that queue, a member of the Evernote Staff will review the content and any notes, and determine what needs to be done.

Update: Due to a technical limitation, these rules will not retroactively affect your account to upgrade your member level. If your member level is not accurate and needs to be adjusted, please reach out to Shane D. directly. Thank you!
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