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Roy Jones

Notes not accessible?

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Hi all,

When logging onto my EN account on my windows PC, i have no notes.. however when accessing my account on my Android phone all my notes are there.. any ideas what the issue is please..??

Thanks in advance.

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A few possibilities:

  1. You are a Basic user and you are only allowed 2 devices, plus the web. If you have had a 3rd device syncing, you need to go to the web version of Evernote, your account, then devices. Delete the devices you don't want to use. If that was the issue, your Windows PC will start syncing as your 2nd device.
  2. You have inadvertently created a 2nd account and your Windows PC is syncing with that.
  3. You have an older version of Windows Evernote and it won't sync because there was a security issue a few months ago and Evernote disabled all but the most recent Windows and Mac clients.

See if one of those gets you back up and running.

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