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Evernote Webclipper Issue

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I had installed evernote webclipper couple of weeks ago, tried it, didn't like it and never used it again. I have uninstalled it but lately out of nowhere I am getting a strange bug. Anytime I want to write (at) by pressing ctrl alt v, or if I want to copy and paste something the action I want to have doesn't happen but Evernote takes a screenshot or copies what I want to copy and makes a new separate note witout me doing anything. The note says 'clipboard image.' I don't know what to do with it and how to get rid of this irritating feature, please help



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That isn't the webclipper. Webclipper is for your browser. You are activating a screenshot shortcut. Go to your preferences in Evernote and change it. Tools|Options|Keyboard Shortcuts. CTRL-A-V is the default for "Paste clipboard"

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