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Clipping full article gives me a note that only shows a cookie consent page

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When I try to clip a full article to Evernote (I am using the Evernote app on android and sharing to Evernote from Chrome browser) it takes a while before clipping is complete but then all the note shows is some terms about cookie usage and a consent request.

One site that always gives this problem is http://m.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20181030_03894260 (any article from De Standaard Mobile gives this issue, it is in dutch though). I have tried the "clip again" function trying each option it provides but to no avail. Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi.  That seems to be an odd web page.  Clipping on a desktop is.. interesting.. too.  You may have to find an alternative way to copy the content - at least your Android failed clip will have saved the URL so you can go back to the page on a desktop and maybe screenshot or copy/ paste the content you need?

I'd guess that when the Android clip is attempted it triggers a new consent form,  hence the wrong clip.

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It is the mobile version of a website so it might behave strange on desktop. When I'm on desktop I can use the standard version of the website and then clipping works fine. So yes, I can always wait untill I'm on my laptop to clip the page but I would prefer to also have this functionallity on my mobile device.

Doing further research I found out that on the Samsung browser clipping the full article on this website works as intended. I noticed that I got a cookie consent page first in this browser when going to this site, before I shared to Evernote. So at least I have a workaround.

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