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Jens Hermanski

Formatting several pictures in a note simultary?

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Hy, I'm using Evernote for managing real estate Projects.

When I come back from the construction area with all my pictures it always need lot time to formate the several pictures to a acceptabe and printable size for a report note.

Is there any possibility to resize all pictures simultaneously to the same size???

Help would be highly appreciated. Kind regards, Jens

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Hi.  AFAIK there's no way to batch process pictures within Evernote.  Some photographic apps (like Adobe Lightroom Classic) can import any number of images and do a heck of a lot more than just resize them - I tend to take a couple of hundred pictures at an event,  and Lightroom lets me batch (as well as individually) correct them and output them to a standard size and definition.  Some of this output goes to social media,  so there are different output sizes for Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. 

LR is a monthly subscription package and you don't sound like you need 99% of what it can do.  There are other,  cheaper (and free) alternatives out there - internet searches required!

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