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Jamie L

Evernote hanging up / stalls constantly

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Recently updated to Version 6.12.3 on my Macbook Pro running OSX 10.10.5. Ever since the update, I get a lot of hanging from Evernote. Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't seem to be connected to syncing. It happens especially when doing a search. It will either start to search and not let me finish typing, or just hang up, showing suggested searches, but nothing being clickable. It will sit there for perhaps 25-30 seconds and eventually catch up to itself. I'm not using any shared notebooks. It doesn't seem to do it on my other devices. 

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Evernote 7.0.2

MacOS 10.13.3

I’m getting a lot of this hanging, while my Mac is seeming to sync.

Creating a note (Cmd-N) takes up to a minute to present the blank note template and I’ve frequently creating a few new notes by mistake, thinking my keyboard had gone to sleep.

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