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  1. PinkElephant, we definitely need a "worsebettering" word for English! Yes, you are exactly right.
  2. Almond001, yes, that's about what I do. PinkElephant: I like to use the images as a quick way to spot a particular note. I guess I'm just a more visual person. It's not really about creativity, at least, not in this instance.
  3. I had no intention of using Tasks. So yes, I'd like that removed. But somehow I must have clicked something without knowing it, because now I have 1 task on the list. I don't know how to make it go away or where it is even coming from. Very annoying. I just want to delete it somehow.
  4. I find this extremely annoying because I use the thumbnail images as a quick way to find the note. I am at least happy to know that if I recreate the note that the correct image will show up, though I'd ultimately like to be able to choose which image shows there because some notes have more than one image - - because they are notes about something that has images. Even if it had the orientation such as "last image entered is the one shown" then I could always just re-add the image I wanted showing there.
  5. Gazumped: Yes, yes, yes, on all of your questions Yes, I do all I can to let it know I'm done. Pre-upgrade, I would sometimes leave a note open (there is one I use all throughout the day) but now I don't dare. Even when I do all this, it still sometimes doesn't update. This is usually on my phone this happens.
  6. HeBolz, that is a trick I can use!
  7. Paul A, thanks for the clarification!
  8. Don't misunderstand me, this isn't something instantaneous. It's not like I enter in my phone, drop it to the table, and pick up my laptop. There is a period of time that goes by. It's like the phone isn't syncing within a reasonable amount of time. If it hasn't caught up to itself in 20 minutes or more, something isn't right.
  9. PinkElephant, so what you're saying is that if I enter data on my note on my phone, then 20 minutes later access it from my computer, it could be locked out? Or perhaps I enter data on my phone, forget something, then go back to enter something else, so because it's a quick turn around, I may have locked myself out?
  10. Okay, so it's great that if Evernote detects a problem it creates a duplicate note and lets you compare. My very long and very detailed to do list is in Evernote and I work from it continuously throughout the day from both my phone and my laptop. I hadn't had much trouble with the duplicate note thing for a long time, until the new version came out. It seems to mostly occur on my phone, even in the house where we have high-grade wifi. I have even tried tricking it by making sure I click that I'm done with that note, even sometimes closing out the app to make sure it is syncing. But more and more I am getting the duplicate note message. Then I have to stop what I'm doing, try to remember what I entered last and see which note is the right one. See if anything is missing. It's a blessing and curse. The real question is why isn't it updating correctly? I'm on Mac 10.15.7 at the moment (planning to update to Big Sur) and on my iPhone 11, 14.2 (but I see there is an update there, so will be updating that soon).
  11. This is still happening. I hope to update to Big Sur this week. Will that fix this problem? It drives me crazy that they are not the same. Then when I move them to the done list, I have green boxes with big x's and some are scratched out and grey. Why are they different?
  12. I'm using Evernote 10.1.7, and Mac OS 10.15.7 (Planning to upgrade to Big Sur soon). Still having much weirdness with this new version. Tonight, I opened a note on my Mac. I wanted it in a separate window (since we no longer have tabs--sigh). I double clicked and the window opened--but it was blank. The frame was there. The top of the note template was there. At the bottom it offered the "All changes saved" notation, but the note itself was totally blank. I closed it and reopened it. Still blank. Waited to see if it just needed more time to populate. No. Nothing. Finally had to quit Evernote, reload it, reopen the note, then it would open in a new window.
  13. I'm on an iPhone 11pmx, iOS 14.2, with Evernote 10.1 (auto updates apps). I started noticing I had input notes and they weren't there. This morning, here's what transpired. Created a new note. Closed my phone. Opened it a bit later, noticed the note was there, tried to open it, got a white screen. Had to restart the app. Then the note was gone. Also, made notes to another note. Closed my phone. Went back in and it hadn't updated. I use Evernote for EVERYTHING so now wondering what else is missing that I just don't remember. Now, apparently, I have to check. every. note. to make sure it is there before I close the app. This sucks.
  14. I'm having trouble with my checkboxes. I use them A LOT. Here's what's happening at the moment. I have what I call a "Done" list. I would check things off my to-do list, then copy/paste them over to my Done list. This is what's happening now. The old Done list now has these green checkboxes. When I transfer in items from the to-do list now, they are checked off and scratched off. If I want the checkboxes to match, I have to individually re-create them. I'm in Catalina 10.15.7 / Evernote 10.1.7.
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