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One of the top reasons I want to migrate to Evernote fully, is the Tag feature. 
To be brief:
-90% of my usage is iOS
-tags are sorely cumbersome in these apps! 

As an Evernote End-User
-see which Tags are currently associated to any note I pull up on the main view of that note, in a clear, obvious space, like the top line.
-I would like them to be green, so it stands out from the body of the note
-I would like to tap it, and call up a menu of other notes with same Tag

-I would like to have a “Tag” icon on the page I create a note from, and be able to attach a Tag or create a new Tag at any time while creating or editing a note.

I do not see how the iOS apps can functionally use Tags without these fundamental primary features! And without Tags, Evernote does not stand out as much as my future choice... there are other Applications, and if a key feature for Evernote is unusable... it isn’t a feature. 



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1 hour ago, RyGuy09 said:

I do not see how the iOS apps can functionally use Tags without these fundamental primary features! 

My wish is for for IOS to include the tag hierarchy set up on my Mac
As to the other points, I'm able to "functionally use tags" on my iPad although the UI could be improved.  The tag functions are currently accessed with the Info icon B4F66049-485F-41A0-AE39-05522206576F.jpeg.b6be5acc2f92260538efa77049d144b4.jpeg.d5a2beb21f721090442d65512666d978.jpeg

There is room to show the tags on the note screen, although it might scale differently for smaller screens.  
I see each note displayed with a mostly blank line; it only shows the Notebook2C5516F0-E551-4BD0-984A-24D15A5CFD59.thumb.jpeg.507e4a027ca485ffef016ca02a8650c2.jpeg.c5fe0b73da0e101e275eb6e8dd25dcc0.jpeg
Tags could be  displayed on this line

The same note on my Mac shows59f23931f005d_ScreenShot2017-10-26at12_35_11.png.cddf1bd6b46af26e9ffccecb00f0098b.png

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