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Firefox support is pretty bad...


You guys have a great product! I love it. It just doesn't work consistently in my preferred desktop browser... Some times when I open a note in Firefox nothing except for the title shows up. If I open the same note in Chrome it works fine. Opening a different note in Firefox works fine too. I don't know if it matters but I have only seen this happen with a web-clipped note. The clipping was done using the Firefox plug-in.

Browser: 54.0 (64-bit) Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu Canonical - 1.0

os: Ubuntu 16.04, kernel version 4.4.0-91-generic

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Hi.  I'm using Firefox 54 / 64 bit on Windows 10 without any issues - what's your internet connection like,  and how big are these notes?  Bear in mind they have to be downloaded in full from the server and whatever code acceleration might have been available to the original website,  it's now coming to you solely by courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Evernote interface which has lots of other stuff to do.

You could try asking Evernote (nicely) for any suggestions @EvernoteHelps...

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