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  1. When saving a pdf from Safari (tab containing full-page pdf) using the Evernote share extension, I get the pop-up window and fill in title /notebook / tags When I open Evernote, the note has been created, but contains an empty pdf (only 60kB) Anyone having similar issues ? Running latest versions of IPadOS & Evernote on an 11’’ iPad Pro
  2. OK, this is linked to macOS Sierra bugs uncovered in ScanSnap Manager. Need to update to version 3.2 L90 http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/faq/sierra04.html#no6
  3. Hi, Same problem here. EN for Mac 6.9.2 Scansnap Manager 3.2 L80 Scansnap is definitely scanning correctly, as it creates a pdf containing all pages. However, for some reason, the pdf that ends up in EN only has the first page
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