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  1. Update and resolution: I discovered the issue on my iPad and found from my iPhone that I could update the note. Updated the note by deleting it from my iPhone. from iPad - I still notice I had an issue with the note not update (deleting). Even after syncing. from iPad - I deleted Evernote app.. from iPad - re-installed and signed into Evernote.
  2. No - I have double checked my “Shared With Me” and don’t see a old note with the title with the note I am have this issue with...
  3. I have an old note that that has a locked 🔒 padlock icon and say “This note is view only” The note also shows at the top as “Shared note”. However the sharing icon is grayed out and is not selectable. The issue is the not can not be deleted and has a reminder attached to it so it alway shows I have a active reminder which is very annoying. I have attached a screenshoot on the note. How can I delete this note?
  4. I can confirm as of today that this method works by deleting the app and reinstalling it and signing in the search field ( this described issue) does work. i am on iOS 11.4 and Evernote Ver. 8.13
  5. Thanks indeed this does work. I hope the Evernote Team can address the issue. In the meantime this will help my workflow.
  6. I am also having the same issue - i am on Ever note Ver. 8.12 on a iPhone iOS 11.4. @Evernote, please fix.
  7. Hello - I am able to this on my iPhone “- - -“ but when it comes my iPad it wants create a long dash ever time I go to enter dash twice “—“. Any suggestions for over writing for short dash “-“?
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