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  1. love to see the devs gaslighting users on support forums saying their customers dont know what they're missing. I'm not a fan of this new version. It wastes screen space on the notebook view, if nothing else. I'm looking to export my notebooks for a new platform, which they support very well! Would be nice to have some more visual options to look more like the old windows-native presentation which was much more effective, in my opinion, of how to use screen real estate. Attaching a file showing what i consider waste. On top of that, the distance from users from actual CSAT options is pretty stark to me.
  2. It seems like evernote has moved all its CSAT management off its website and I have to post here instead of being able to submit a ticket. The note list on the web-based notebook view is wasting 50% of its space and was not something I ever wanted as an upgrade. It's also pretty awful that I can't access any of the CSAT resources without upgrading. Maybe I've missed something but this new platform "upgrade" has me looking to export my notes for a new CMS. Anyone know how to view your notebook notes in a more condensed view or a way to access support without paying for a sub? attached a file with a red box indicating all the wasted space in the UI, based on a list from my dnd campaign notes. 2x screen space is not really acceptable.
  3. Who asked for all the extra spacing? the pre existing doc list showed WAY more notes than before. Not sure why the note list needed this web-like approach. Definitely losing some capability by changing the appearance for no real reason. Would love to know if the previous windows-native view is still accessible so I could continue using it.
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