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  1. The kluge provided in this thread does indeed make the notes not show up all black. But there's no getting around the basic unreadiness of the client app. Since the new release, when I open evernote, my computer freezes for about 30 seconds - can't do anything; mouse frozen in place. This release wasn't ready for prime time. Evernote needs to get on this.
  2. Completely agree with JBenson. This "solution" is utterly ridiculous. Evernote: release a new, working version of Evernote or say goodbye to your customer base. No one has time to futz around with regedit and HKEY_CURRENT_USER. We have businesses to run and things to do; we're not paying Evernote to spend our day doing DIY software patches.
  3. The new build is just buggy and bad. Even after fixing the problem by disabling hardware acceleration, having Evernote open or even having an Evernote process running on my computer with the app closed is leading to problems with other apps. I think Evernote needs to face the fact that this build is a mess and get a team on fixing the bugs and putting out a new release pronto.
  4. Update: I did hear from Evernote on this issue. They're working on it, and in the mean time, disabling hardware acceleration does at least get the notes to show up. Tools -> Options -> General -> uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration -LF
  5. Just downloaded the latest update yesterday. DISASTER !!!!! All of my notes are black - I can't see any text, nothing. Meanwhile my mouse keeps flashing a circle fast and continuously, like it's trying to process something - whether I'm in Evernote or not. Closing the app doesn't stop the mouse-flashing, only going in through Cntrl-Alt-Del and shutting down the Evernote.exe process does - then things go back to normal. I literally cannot see a single Note in the client app. All I see are Notes filled with black. In the attached pic, you can see in the middle pane that the Note actually ha
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