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  1. The kluge provided in this thread does indeed make the notes not show up all black. But there's no getting around the basic unreadiness of the client app. Since the new release, when I open evernote, my computer freezes for about 30 seconds - can't do anything; mouse frozen in place. This release wasn't ready for prime time. Evernote needs to get on this.
  2. Completely agree with JBenson. This "solution" is utterly ridiculous. Evernote: release a new, working version of Evernote or say goodbye to your customer base. No one has time to futz around with regedit and HKEY_CURRENT_USER. We have businesses to run and things to do; we're not paying Evernote to spend our day doing DIY software patches.
  3. The new build is just buggy and bad. Even after fixing the problem by disabling hardware acceleration, having Evernote open or even having an Evernote process running on my computer with the app closed is leading to problems with other apps. I think Evernote needs to face the fact that this build is a mess and get a team on fixing the bugs and putting out a new release pronto.
  4. Update: I did hear from Evernote on this issue. They're working on it, and in the mean time, disabling hardware acceleration does at least get the notes to show up. Tools -> Options -> General -> uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration -LF
  5. Just downloaded the latest update yesterday. DISASTER !!!!! All of my notes are black - I can't see any text, nothing. Meanwhile my mouse keeps flashing a circle fast and continuously, like it's trying to process something - whether I'm in Evernote or not. Closing the app doesn't stop the mouse-flashing, only going in through Cntrl-Alt-Del and shutting down the Evernote.exe process does - then things go back to normal. I literally cannot see a single Note in the client app. All I see are Notes filled with black. In the attached pic, you can see in the middle pane that the Note actually has content (a map, in this case), but in the right pane, all I see is black. Same with every other note. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks, Larry
  6. Greetings, all I have a question about using tags to set up a hierarchical-style notes database. Just wanted to hear what other people have been doing in this area. I have 440 notes. They used to be in ~30 notebooks, but then I acquired wisdom and put all the notes into 3 notebooks, using tags to establish my "hierarchical" database. Of course, this has the two distinct advantages of (a) letting me create more than two levels of depth, and (2) allowing notes to show up under multiple nests. However, I have been struggling with whether or not a note should be tagged with each level in a hierarchy. For instance, let's say I have this hierarchy: locations -> northern Europe -> England -> Cornwall -> pre-1000 BC artifacts. Right now, all of my notes are tagged with all of the levels of a hierarchy in which they sit, in this case 5 tags. I have been weighing whether it'd be better to just use the minimum tags required. For instance, northern Europe is obviously a location, so the location tag is unneeded on the note, even if Location exists as a tag in the tag list to store location-specific notes under. Tagging a note with every tag in the hierarchy does accomplish the objective of letting one see exactly how many total notes exist under a category tag (for instance, 125 total notes under Locations, as opposed to zero if I don't tag the notes with the Locations tag), but it also makes it kinda cumbersome to tag every note, since some notes exist under multiple hierarchies each of which are a few layers deep. So I am just kind of curious as to whether other people who are using tags to establish hierarchical order to their notes tend to tag all the way up the top level for each note, or push it down to a lower level. Griff
  7. Awesome. Thanks, Wern. I thought I was going insane. Now it makes sense. Didn't know/realize Evernote was a client app. Thought it was just something you use in Chrome. Cool. Griffith
  8. Followup: I just tried doing a simpler search on my PC, for ".exb" files, of any username. There are none. Yet, I have over 100 notes -- they're all there, on screen.
  9. Hi Wern Thanks for the reply. But... this is precisely the challenge I am having with Evernote. I searched my computer from the desktop down and it did not find a file called username.exb. And I have looked over every inch of the Evernote application and cannot find Tools -> Options -> General. Put simply, I cannot find "Tools" so I can't even begin that process. The only tabs I see are "Trunk, Increase Upload Allowance, Gift" on the upper left, and "Settings, Help, Create Sponsored Group, Logout" in the upper right. I have to ask, where is the menu to do all the stuff, such as setting local vs cloud? I've clicked on what I think is every link on the screen and none of them offers a way to define local vs. cloud. Thanks, Griffith
  10. Hi all...I'm brand new to Evernote. Been tooling around with it for 2 days now. I'm not computer illiterate, but I cannot seem to figure out or find out the following: - is my Everynote data (notes, clips, etc) stored exclusively in the cloud, or is there a copy on my PC? - if it's on my PC, where is it? I've checked all the usual places (roaming, local, etc etc) and there's nothing there I've done quite a few Google searches to try to get to the bottom of this. Most of the information does not seem to apply to the version I'm using. For instance, people talk about being able to set a particular notebook to local/offline. I see no commands or options anywhere in Evernote to do that. It is quite important to me to know that my data is backed up not only in the cloud but on my own physical machine. So if anyone can shed light on where the data is, how you access it, and where the commands are to define one notebook as cloud and another as offline/private/local, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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