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  1. No one reported? What about this thread? Are the company not involved with this board? The workarounds are not easy since the images do not copy from the web in my experience. One can't always use the desktop version as it can only be installed on one machine if not premium.
  2. What a pain that you can't print more than 1 page, why has this not been fixed. I have to select note and copy to a new word document to print! Even with that the images never copy first time, so i often need to do screen garbs for them. It's a farce.
  3. How can this not be default behaviour? In gmail, Thunderbird (set to html) I just paste an image and it's right there. All these lasters and you have not added this simple feature tot he web app? Why? I can take all the extra steps to save a clip to a file unnecessarily and then drag that file into the note, which works but it not very usable in this day and age!
  4. Ok, figured a solution. In the webapp you can email then note to yourself that will include the attachment which you can then access.
  5. I can play an attached audio file when accessing evernote in chrome on my laptop. However I want to play this audio on my phone. When I try in the android (basic) app, nothing happens when I click on the audio. Editing the not in chrome or my phone I can't access the audio file to save it so it can be played with audio software. Surely this should be easy? What am I missing! Do I need the Pro version or something? Thanks!
  6. This is what I do as well, but it's frustrating that the web app can't cope with a clipboard image and these extra keystrokes are needed.
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