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  1. Sorry about that, I didn't mean to be rude to other fellow (frustrated) users, it was meant for someone on support or product management. Assuming someone there monitors this forum....
  2. Ok, but just out of curiosity, how can I find the v.10 database on my computer?
  3. And how can I do it? Where do I find the local files? It used to have a shortcut hidden and in the "about evernote" page but it isn't there anymore. You guys are making it harder to keep supporting Evernote. The new iPad version is terrible, I don't know why I updated the desktop version... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. @Chantal Leonard Why the behavior of the "Simplify Formatting" keeps changing from version to version? And it's not like it's evolving, it becomes very unreliable. This is an important feature when we use the web clipper — and most of what I do with Evernote is research and clipping. In this version it doesn't remove all text formatting clutter, and instead erases my highlights and content within tables. It's terrible.
  5. I'm still waiting to re-download everything. Although the process is time consuming, after delete all local data and resync, everything seems to back to normal. Still I do not consider the best solution, but it worked so far. Thanks @JMichaelTX, but resync is as far as I can go. Can't do all that manoeuvre (to create another account, test clippings, etc). I'm not willing to be a tester, just a customer who wish an stable platform to work. Anyway, really appreciate and admire the commitment of the EN community. Keep up the good work.
  6. The support team instructed me to delete all local data and resync as well. Still waiting for the download/sync to finish. Kind of frustrating. One month of usage and already need to wipe out and clean install the software. Note that this is a new computer, but I'm also having problems related to performance and slowness for months in another computer. I really love EN, it's a great product. I've been using for almost four years. But the last year or so, the problems are increasing (parallel to the volume of my database). So, you see, how can it provide 10GB of uploads per month if a database of about 30GB (in my case) crashes it? I don't even use the entire allowance... :/ Anyway, thanks again. I really appreciate your willingness to help.
  7. Got what seems like an automatic response from support, instructing me to "uninstalling and updating", even though I've sent the EN version in the original ticket and it was already the latest version. Anyway, I've done my part, followed the instructions, uninstalled and installed again and, as expected, the problem persists. Can't shake the feeling of being deceived, just so the support team can buy time and maintain their SLA statistics. I'm very disappointed.
  8. Hi @JMichaelTX, I'm on a macbook, with El Captain (10.11.3), and EN Version 6.5 (Direct), I have about 30,000+ notes, most of which are images (mostly one or two images per note) with text annotations. Have other computer, older, same version of OSX, EN installed via App Store. Thanks anyway for the interest. And let me ask for another help: how can I follow up an open support ticket? Only by email?
  9. I've updated to 6.5 a few days ago, and the overall performance really get worst. Now when I create, edit or even delete a note, EN freezes for about 30 seconds, sometimes more. Already submitted a support ticket.
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