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  1. Yup - "Move to Trash" seems to be a silly "rebrand" for good old and well understood "Delete"... which still exists when you're in a note and go to "Edit" menu #brilliant
  2. +1 come on folks, surely you've got some good UX people in house that you're listening to when designing new features. You MUST start thinking through the workflows and various paths of how users might want to interact with these features incl speeding up / slowing down / turning off notifications. YOU are awesome! THIS feature release hasn't been.
  3. Yup I agree... using my Surface Pro 2 it's VERY fiddly - almost to the point of being impossible to navigate through notes with the scrollbars the way they are in the desktop version (havent explored the Evernote touch app all that much yet as functionality seems to be just too limited in its current form). Its frustrating that the gesture of scrolling through the note list is perfect and you'd wonder why it couldnt work the same inside the note content itself (rather than acting as a "clicked mouse" by highlighting text / content but not moving through it). For that reason I find myself using OneNote more as the actual note taking app on the device as its much more fluid, particularly on the run and when Im using the device as a tablet (i.e. without Type Cove Keyboard)... However I do then end up copy pasting across into Evernote once Im done so I can leverage EN's benefits of being on all my devices etc. Really hoping / trusting that the windows team will be working on this for a future release.
  4. Clipper keeps cycling in Chrome on http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/what-to-do-when-faith-dies and pretty much anything on the www.desiringgod.org site... clipper version 6.0.8 wierd as is working on most other sites I've clipped from this morning
  5. Man, each week I learn something that makes this programme even cooler. Thanks to both jefito and jester02k... now using this for my journal and my shopping list (both phone and laptop) ... PERFECT!!
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