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  1. +1 premium user. How difficult can this be that the thread needs to go for a year...
  2. What would be useful is the ability to specify in ipad or iphone - which business folders you want to sync. Due to capacity issues, you may not want to sync all business folders as you would on a pc or mac. Also the ability to store business folders locally on an iphone/ipad would be really useful! Thanks, Marko
  3. I personally find it useful even though I am 1 person. I'm sure I wont be the only one - there is going to be lots of confusion down the line.
  4. It does make sense to join if you are 1 person if you want the extra functionality. It doesnt make sense to lose all your data though if you unsubscribe from business access. That's just wrong!
  5. I actually agree that it doesnt make sense. I am one person who has a personal account but have registered for the business account. I am still one person. I like to keep things separate for clarity - personal stuff is separate for business. I find the distinction useful and dont mind paying the extra fee to get the extra functionality. I actually spent lots of time tranferring my business files from my personal section to the new business section precisely for this purpose - to keep them separate. But its very dispiriting to find out that if I choose to opt out of the business account - all my files that were there are deleted. That doesnt make sense. As the person before me said - when you downgrade from personal premium to normal access - you dont lose any data. I am sure there are other people who will register for business access even though they are not actually a business. If you choose to opt out of the business account - your data should stay in your evernote account.
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