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  1. Are we going to get an apology from you Marcus regarding the sidebar? This time last year there were long threads being posted on this forum about how the washed out look was terrible, how much trouble people were having reading the text, and how important it was to have a darker colour for the side-bar. The discussions dragged on for months - and many MANY people were very angry at the reduced usability ('visibility') of Evernote. Yet - nothing was done to correct the problem for a year! At the time, you were trying to convince us Marcus how were were all resistant to change (!!!), how this happens every time Evernote changes the visuals (and eventually people get used to it), how this was due to Apple guidelines, etc, etc....!!! One year on - you have finally accepted what your users have shouted from the roof-tops a year ago! Are we not owed an apology? The re-colouring of the sidebar is an admission that you were wrong - and that the users were right! It Takes A Big Man To Admit When He's Made A Mistake.......... It Takes An Even Bigger Man To Apologize
  2. I've been complaining ever since the new version came out. The fact that I am not complaining any more is not because I have grown to like it - its because I just cant be bothered any more - and can't see any point as the user feedback is being blatantly ignored. Kind of pointless posting feedback. This has become a forum for venting frustration rather than anything else.
  3. The only logical explanation I can find for the appalling new design - is that they are hoping to be bought by Apple.
  4. The colorless - white, on grey, on white, with no visual dividers or sections is the way forward. If we dont like it - the problem is with us for not recognising the brilliance of Evernote designers vision.
  5. Well its very clear that Lykoz and Limegreen like the new UI. Don't think you are Evernote staff - at least I hope Evernote would not resort do planting comments from staff. But if you are objective and read up on responses on this forum and iTunes - on average, for every 1 person that likes the new interface - there are at least 10 that do not like it. So the obvious decision is to allow user to switch colors. That change could be made in about 10 minutes by programmers. I hope Evernote staff do not use the minority voices on these forums as another excuse against changing the UI - or spinning the story further how there is a clear difference in opinion. And you are right Lykoz in your last post - at the moment Evernote is something that users do not have an adequate replacement for. But as soon as there is a replacement - a large number of dissatisfied customers is going to jump ship and never look back.
  6. Nightstalker - just so you don't feel left out - I am on Yosemite - believe me, the design of Evernote looks just as horrible on Yosemite... : )
  7. Jackolicious - in your summing of what you understand so far from all the discussions - you basically chose to totally ignore what hundreds of users on this forum, and hundreds more on iTunes and other sites have been telling you repeatedly for the past two weeks. Which kind of makes this a pointless exercise. Do the words 'horrible', 'no contrast', 'horrid', 'bland' and 'blinding' (to name just a few) ring a bell? Have you read through the iTunes comments - most of which give Evernote only 1 star for version 6.0? How much clearer do you need it to be? Your conclusion from all these posts seems to be that 'the beautiful new design fits right in' (??????????!!!). Wow. "Bump contrast EVEN more". (??????????????) Maybe you should take up politics? Or you really do live in 'Evernote-land' which is a make-believe place that has nothing to do with the real world... If you cover your ears and start yelling 'la, la, la, la...' - the bad people that are not telling you what you want to hear might go away. They probably will - but they will move on to other software providers - the ones that actually DO LISTEN. More importantly - your comment about Evernote 'working closely with Apple' pretty much explains the misguided decisions in the new design and the likelihood that we will see significant changes. So what is the point of this new thread - haven't people already posted enough - with well over 90% of comments being exactly the same and repeating to death the same thing??? How many times do you need the same thing explained to you? Pretty much everything that you chose to ignore - is everything that people have asked for. There you have your answer - if you are really looking for one. Or Is this just a marketing exercise as for weeks Evernote employees did not even find it fit even to reply to the concerns and negative comments? Which just don't seem to go away for some unexplainable reason. More worryingly - if you really didn't get it from the hundreds and hundreds of posts - should you really be in that job?
  8. Not sure whats happening at Evernote. Have a look at reviews of the current version on iTunes. Hardly anyone likes the new visual design, and most of the reviews only give them 1 star - yet Evernote does absolutely nothing to fix it. And are bragging that the twitter response is "generally positive". Sure its positive - because Twitter links are from journalists who posted articles which are actually just a rewrite of Evernote's press release - these articles are not written by people who use Evernote. Bizarre in this day and age that a software company is so disconnected from the users of its software - and is instead showing such arrogant disregard for their views.
  9. Six months down the line, they will come up with Evernote 7.0. And this new version will have a brilliant new idea... Something revolutionary!!! Something never seen before!!! Wait for it.... Wait for it.... Of using other colours apart from white and grey to brighten up the user interface!!! Of course, they will hold meetings, brainstorming sessions, pay lots of money to bring in outside expert consultants to reach that conclusion. So we will just need to be patient until this happens. And it will. Right now - its just too embarrasing for them to admit they made a mistake!
  10. Is that a smile on SoftwareMarcus's picture or a smirk?
  11. There is a thread here on completely reinstalling the old version. It means however that you need to let Evernote sync everything from scratch - which can take a long time if your database is large.
  12. Its just as annoying on the desktop.
  13. )) May as well take it as a joke - they certainly are... To make real changes and take account of all the complaints - would be akin to them admiting they are not good at doing their job. So this new interface will be forced on us in the hope, that people will just get tired of complaining in time. The excuse they will use of course is - people are always resistant to change...
  14. Thanks for reading the hundreds and hundreds of posts all saying the same thing - and listening to your customers. But these changes are a bit too drastic! Too much color for my liking. Could you please emphasise the white color a bit more? And if possible, add some grey fonts? Glad to see you are spending lots of time focusing on the work chat - a very useful function to pass the time for Evernote employees.
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