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  1. Does anyone know of any progress on this? I've just done my monthly scan cycle again - and this ridiculous piece of shoddy design thinking is just unbearable ??
  2. Hard to see it's a bug, since the warning is correct in what it is warning of. More like a truly dreadful design decision! Thanks for confirming there's nothing I can do though.
  3. And, for clarity, here is the use case: I scan everything into Evernote once a month or so, which puts them in the Evernote notebook. So I now have 60-odd new notes, which I retitle when I have a few minutes, tag if needed and move to the correct notebook. I do not need to be babied about the implications of doing so, there are countless reasons why a note might start life in a different notebook from the one I now want it in. Treating users as unable to recognise the implications of legitimate actions in the application strikes me as being truly stupid.
  4. Worse - having shared the Evernote notebook solely to avoid getting repeated warnings, I now get a more generic warning that 'People may lose or gain access'. You don't say! How do I turn them off??
  5. Just installed (307027) Public. Which has decided to start warning me EVERY time I move a note from an unshared notebook to a shared notebook. This strikes me as the worst possible example of nannying a user possible, so I assume you can switch off these warnings. But I can find no option to do so. Someone tell me I'm wrong please...
  6. I've had these monitors for years - two at 1920x1080 and one at 2560x1440, all set to 100% scaling. It never used to do this, Evernote was pin sharp on all of them - something has changed, either in Windows, or in Evernote.
  7. I rather assumed this was yet another scaling issue introduced with a recent Windows update - but the usual approaches around compatibility settings don't seem to make any difference. The screenshot refers - this was captured from a 1920x1080 monitor, set to 100% scaling, one of two which I use. I also have a third 2560x1440 monitor, also set to 100%, which has the same issue, although it doesn't look quite so bad, because smaller! The blue font used in the note title, and the fonts in the note-previews are all fragmented and blurry - the note text is OK. This would make more sense to me as an issue if the monitors were set to scale the display - but they're not, all run at 100% (I have pretty good eyesight!)
  8. I don't know if it's the same issue, but I've been having constant freezes in Chrome for the last couple of days - and have just tracked it down to the Evernote plug-in, which is now disabled. But I need it enabled, I use it all the time !
  9. PS On the earlier issue of Evernote commenting, or not: If you comment... follow it through: You can't dip in to advise you're investigating and then go radio-silent in the aftermath.
  10. I notice I've picked up an update to En today, which half fixes the problem: If you tap the main body of the attachment, it opens in Skitch - but if you tap the little dots at the end, it opens in (what I assume is) the preferred viewer for PDFs - in my case, Adobe's app. BUT... this does not follow the Android philosophy and is still not what I would want. It's important enough that I will keep moaning until it's right: I need to be able to set a default viewer which opens when I tap the main body - and reserve the little dots for when I want to use something occasionally (eg Skitch). I'm worried that this looks like a step to half-correct the problem, whilst still promoting Skitch (although I haven't played around with that much and might have missed something). This will only hack off your users even more: Do it correctly - we should have control, not Evernote.
  11. Doesn't work for me either. I first saw this issue reported the day after this release became available. Since when, not a word from En on these boards. It's extremely shabby.
  12. I don't think this is the issue - I have several apps that can open PDFs, incl OfficeSuite Pro. The problem is that there is no opportunity to select any of them, PDFs now open in Skitch. The usual way to change the default app association, or revert to being offered a choice, is via Settings|Apps and 'Clear Defaults' for the associated app, from whereon you'll get offered the choice again. Skitch has no defaults to clear - it's greyed out. This implies that Evernote is calling Skitch directly, not via the OS association. I really hope that this is a bug and not by design, in order to promote the use of Skitch - because the latter would be a totally brainless thing to do. Skitch is useful, very occasionally, if you want to mark up a PDF - as a general PDF viewer it's hopeless. And I don't want app developers making this kind of decision, it flies in the face of what makes Android so appealing as a mobile OS. I have a lot of PDFs in Evernote - it's the repository for all my household paper and gets there as a result of a long established scanning approach. I will NEVER want to open these PDFs - and many others - in Skitch. Could we have an update on this please Evernote? This has essentially broken Evernote for me on Android, so I have had to start lugging a laptop around when I could previously rely on just the Nexus. This makes me very unhappy!
  13. Yes. It's broken. Worse, you can't open pdfs in anything but Skitch, which is not very good as a PDF viewer. At all. I am using the 2013 Nexus 7. I find it very hard to believe that this was not picked up in testing. I noticed it within minutes of the upgrade. Poor, frankly. I am going to have to change my process at work tomorrow as Skitch won't cut it for what I need to do with a number of PDFs.
  14. I see requests for this from 2 years ago, but not sure they've been accommodated - if they have, I can't see how to do it. I routinely title scanned paperwork starting with the date in sortable format eg 120816, so the note title allows sorting by the relevant date, not the one I scanned it on. But the iPad sort order will put the latest notes at the bottom of the list and there is no way to reverse it. Given the extent to which this naming approach is promoted across the forum by many, this seems almost a bug! Am I missing something?
  15. The paperless home - 'the anal retentive's pursuit of happiness'

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