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  1. When I opened Evernote this morning, I was advised a new version was available - but the downloaded install file initially gives a security warning - and when I ignore that, it fails to install with 'Installer integrity check has failed' . This is Evernote-10.3.7-2018-setup.exe. I also get the same issue if I download the installer directly from Evernote.com. What do I do?
  2. Does anyone know of any progress on this? I've just done my monthly scan cycle again - and this ridiculous piece of shoddy design thinking is just unbearable ??
  3. Hard to see it's a bug, since the warning is correct in what it is warning of. More like a truly dreadful design decision! Thanks for confirming there's nothing I can do though.
  4. And, for clarity, here is the use case: I scan everything into Evernote once a month or so, which puts them in the Evernote notebook. So I now have 60-odd new notes, which I retitle when I have a few minutes, tag if needed and move to the correct notebook. I do not need to be babied about the implications of doing so, there are countless reasons why a note might start life in a different notebook from the one I now want it in. Treating users as unable to recognise the implications of legitimate actions in the application strikes me as being truly stupid.
  5. Worse - having shared the Evernote notebook solely to avoid getting repeated warnings, I now get a more generic warning that 'People may lose or gain access'. You don't say! How do I turn them off??
  6. Just installed (307027) Public. Which has decided to start warning me EVERY time I move a note from an unshared notebook to a shared notebook. This strikes me as the worst possible example of nannying a user possible, so I assume you can switch off these warnings. But I can find no option to do so. Someone tell me I'm wrong please...
  7. I've had these monitors for years - two at 1920x1080 and one at 2560x1440, all set to 100% scaling. It never used to do this, Evernote was pin sharp on all of them - something has changed, either in Windows, or in Evernote.
  8. I rather assumed this was yet another scaling issue introduced with a recent Windows update - but the usual approaches around compatibility settings don't seem to make any difference. The screenshot refers - this was captured from a 1920x1080 monitor, set to 100% scaling, one of two which I use. I also have a third 2560x1440 monitor, also set to 100%, which has the same issue, although it doesn't look quite so bad, because smaller! The blue font used in the note title, and the fonts in the note-previews are all fragmented and blurry - the note text is OK. This would make more sense to me as an issue if the monitors were set to scale the display - but they're not, all run at 100% (I have pretty good eyesight!)
  9. I don't know if it's the same issue, but I've been having constant freezes in Chrome for the last couple of days - and have just tracked it down to the Evernote plug-in, which is now disabled. But I need it enabled, I use it all the time !
  10. The paperless home - 'the anal retentive's pursuit of happiness'

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