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  1. Still lots of problems with the separation of personal and business. 1. Switching looses all the open tabs, i.e. when I go to business and then return to personal all my tabs other than the first one are closed. 2. The window position isn't retained - especially when I use this in fullscreen mode, switching always ends the fullscreen mode. I still think that this design decision is a great mistake, which will force me to revert my business account back to pro and work with shared notebooks. The benefits of the business edition are not worth the hassle for a small team like mine. What I need: 1. Seamless switching between personal and business account - no window repositioning, no leaving fullscreen mode. 2. Having the ability to have 2 Evernote windows side by side - one being personal and one being business. Not only one note but full Evernote windows with sidebar etc. 3. Drag and drop ability between those windows. 4. A search that searches all of my personal and my business notes. Not sure how many customers who use Evernote Business and are not Beta tester are thinking like me. I still hope you rethink that design decision but am not keeping my hopes up.
  2. That's why I don't have lots of hope. I think they want to unify and dummify their interface with the IOS version. Instead of making the iOS version more powerful they are always making design changes like this. The next step would be to make the tags flat like in iOS - which I also hate. Especially for Power Users who have more than 10.000 (split between Business and Personal) notes in Evernote, those changes make organization harder because we all have our workflows which we developed over years. I've been with Evernote since year 1, and when they introduced EN for Business I was on Board the first days. But as I said I guess it is time for me to leave EN for Business if they implement some of these changes in the final version.
  3. Amen. This is exactly my situation. And it is exactly the solution I would like to see as a business owner. I want to define how I can use my folders. And if I as the business admin could define how I want people to see my notebooks that would be ideal. But if that is to much hassle I would 1000% prefer the old way over the new separation. And I actually also want this to happen on the iPad. With IOS 11 the iPad becomes way more powerful and I think that Evernote should up their game there too. So, please also overcome the separation at the iOS level and also implement tabs on the iPad. Also being able to view 2 documents side by side on the iPad (like it is possible with Safari) would be awesome.
  4. When switching accounts, the window gets reset to 1/2 of the screen. Also, it always leaves fullscreen mode.
  5. Next problem with the Business/Personal separation: SEARCH Search is only working in one account. I often use search to jump to notebooks fast. That is now not working if I am in the wrong silo. Alos very often I want to find notes and am not sure whether it is in Personal or Business. Now I have to search twice. Also very often I want to see private and business notes in one search result set. This is now also not possible any longer.
  6. Hi Chantal, here is a typical scenario. We have all our business documentation in Evernote business. My to do list, references to important documents I need to refer to which should not land in the business account are in my personal account. Documents from other clients should also not be in the business account. During my day I constantly need to switch between the accounts, because I have multiple hats on during the day So now whenever I switch accounts the browser gets reset. For a lot of us (especially freelancer or small business owners), the separation between Business and Personal accounts isn’t as clear cut as you would like it to be. For me Evernote should reflect my whole life which consists of Business and Personal categories. Siloing those into separat browsers makes it harder for me to have the workflow I rely on. I already dislike this on the iPhone and iPad. When you enforce this now on the Mac also - I really have to consider dropping the business account and go back to pro with shared folders.
  7. I must agree with thhh. This is awful. Now you bring back the awful implementation of Business/Personal Separation. I can't move my notes from Personal to Business, really??? Having 2 windows with personal and business notebooks is also not working? Switching to other accounts forgets tabs and opened documents in tabs. We asked you to at least allow us to see BOTH (Business and Personal) accounts at the same time like we used to. This is an awful implementation. I can't see ANY progress in this separation from the last beta. At least allow me (as the BUSINESS OWNER) to define the view the way I want it. Why do you have to mess up some good things repeatedly with bad design choices that have been rightfully criticized several times in the past? If you need to implement a separation the at least allow the admin of the company to define whether this separation is enforced or not. If you go on with this, I guess I have to cancel my Evernote Business account and move back to using Pro with shared folders in my team.
  8. Sorry, but the separation of Business and Personal notebooks is a productivity nightmare for me. I frequently need to have personal and business notes open at the same time. An example: my business procedures are in the business notebooks while my daily task list and my agendas are in my personal notebook. I constantly switch between them. And this separation makes Evernote far less useful for me. Also when I open tabs in the personal notebooks and then switch to business notebooks the tabs get lost - even when I switch back to personal. Also it isn't possible to have 2 windows open one in Business mode and one in Personal mode. Dear Evernote developers and designers, please don't do this to me. Listen to how your users work. It isn't necessarily only work or only personal at a time. Don't cut the flexibility we loved so much about Evernote.
  9. That's why there should be a preference to set YOUR OWN default time not one chosen by Evernote.
  10. Here is a workflow how I solve this problem on my iPad. 1. Send the files via Email into my evernote inbox. If I have 3 PDFs I want to have in one note I will send 3 emails with each email containing one file (this email could come from mail app, but also from other programs that allow you to mail. And of course you could also do it with other file types). 2. I use an app called MoveEver to then combine the 3 notes into one. Voila - 3 PDFs merged in one note.
  11. Hey there is this famous slogan - there is an app for that! Unfortunately you can't do this in the Evernote client, but if you need the functionality I found an app called MoveEver that allows you to move multiple notes, add and remove tags from multiple notes and also merge notes. They also have a special app called MergeEver, which can do more fancy merging, but I never use that. I am not associated with them - I found the app when I was looking for a way to merge notes just like you. It costs some money, but I found it pretty useful on several occasions.
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