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  1. I tried to setup the two step verification. When I input at "Enter your mobile phone number", it was rejected with message as "Enter a valid phone number that can receive SMS messages" and the setup was incomplete. I'm from Indonesia and using Indosat phone with SMS capable. Shall the process work at any country/operator ?
  2. Dear jbignert, I followed your instruction and installed the diagnostic version. Initial several clips went well with that test version, then the same problems happened. However, I cannot find link to the error log as shown in your instruction page. There are no line between Permissions and Allow in incognito with my page. I'm on WIn7Pro / Chrome 27.0.1453.93 m / Web Clipper diagnostic version Hope it gives some information for your investigation. Regards,
  3. Dear evernote team, I have the same problem here, numbers of pending clips shown on elephant mark. It has been happening since Fri 17 May, Asian morning time. I'm on Windows 7 Pro SP1 / Chrome ver 26.0.1410.64 m / evernote clipper 5.9.14. I re-installed Chrome and the extension, but the issue not solved. Evernote client on Windows works fine. I will keep watching this topic. Regards,
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