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  1. Hi, the windows V5 is great, but after some time, I'm missing the predefined search tools of V4. The Favorites on the left side are OK, but putting a shortcut in an additional menu bar is unbeatable. Please bring both back. Frank
  2. That's really annoying. On my Windows PC I can't use the reminders and on my Android Tablet Skitch is not able to install. It's a Wifi only Tablet.
  3. Big windows update - When? 2014 Waiting for reminders and please keep the snippet view!
  4. How long will we have to wait? It's tricky to add duedates on Android and delete them automatically when edit the note on windows.
  5. That's really cool if you are using a tablet only. You are using the android version and to delete a notebook you have to start a browser? That can't be true
  6. This is really anoying, because I use shared notebooks with my wife, and she has an android tablet only
  7. I need to delete a notebook, but I can't find it in the Android version.
  8. Hi, I have notes created in the Windows version with tables or tab stops. In the Android client the notes with tables are not really editable and when I edit normal note with tabstops the spaces are reduced. So the format is broken when I open the notes in the windows client again. Is there any work around or do I have to wait for the next version? Frank
  9. I disposed my Android phone and went back to Nokia. I need Evernote for my Symbian (3rd) Nokia E52 and E72.
  10. Is it solved in the beta? I can't find this point in the beta 4 topic. -----------edit----------------- Yes, it's solved
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