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  1. Yeah, can't get it to work....
  2. I am interested in this also! I'd love to be more involved in rolling out Evernote to poor ignorant souls.
  3. Yes! Very annoying to resize pictures all the time. Besides, portrait photos rarely fit in the screen so I always have to scroll to see the whole picture. I didn't even know about the right-click option. Thanks!
  4. Okay, so I'm not sure if I made a mistake or not in buying Evernote premium, but I wanted to figure out if it was going to work or not. And so it seems that it won't unless I'm missing something.. I just bought evernote premium for the purpose of sharing notebooks and notes. However, I want the person whom I am sharing with to have the same abilities as I do. That is to say, to move notes from one notebook to another, delete notes, have full permissions, etc... Does she also have to purchase a premium account to do this? If so, that's okay because I'm willing to pay for a service that'll keep my notes secure. The information is sensitive so.... Any ideas or should I contact customer support for a refund? I hope I can stay with evenote. Thanks!
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