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  1. As reply to rourris post (maybe you have a similar situation as I do) or to anyone who has a similar situation: In case all your pictures in the note have the same dimensions (mine are all coming from the same digital camera), Evernote will choose the thumbnail based on the order, in which the pictures were inserted into the note and not based on the order of the pictures within the note. So, if you have two pictures of the same dimensions <picture1> and <picture2> and you want to create a note with the two pictures in this order (<picture1>, <picture2>), but you want <picture2> to be the thumbnail, then first add <picture2> into the note and then add <picture1> above <picture2>. This way your not will be "some text <picture1> <picture2>", but <picture2> will be the thumbnail. As soon as the two picture have different dimensions (which probably is the case when they are coming from different sources (web, photographed, scanned)), the largest-smallest algorithm will perpetrate its despicable crime....
  2. I have a similar problem like siamesekitten. Although I (and I think also many other users) have images containing text that should be searchable/findable. For example snapshots of signs/documents/flipcharts. I always prefer a solution, where a user can choose according to his preferences. Unfortunately this is more effort to implement. A default setting could be OCR ON for PDFs and OCR OFF for images. Then the user could turn OCR ON for images, that should be searchable. Is there a separate thread for this topic?
  3. Hello @dlu: Could you let us know, whether and if yes, when this feature is on the roadmap? I'd also be interested what you, as an Evernote Employee, think about such a feature. We've heard many users (especially in this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18482-choosing-a-thumbnail/), who really appreciate to choose the thumbnail on their own. Thanks, Dominik
  4. So looks like the iPhone app recognizes the EXIF orientation tag. While syncing with the server, the server seems to remove/change to tag. After that it shows up wrong in the iPhone app. Still unsure whether I should find this funny
  5. I have the same issue on Windows Vista. And another observation: EN seems to use the clipboard (which you usually access via Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V). I was rotating an image the EN-way and EN freezes for several minutes. When I continue my work during this time in another application and copy some text into the clipboard, this copied text shows up in EN where the rotated image should be. This is reproducible. I think EN should use the EXIF orientation. I have many picture taken with my mobile phone, which takes landscape and portrait pictures and uses the EXIF orientation tag (as all digital cameras do) to store the orientation. When adding such picture to EN, EN always displays the picture in landscape mode ignoring the EXIF orientation tag. If EN uses the EXIF orientation, the pictures would show up correctly oriented and it should be very easy to rotate a picture by modifying this attribute... Just my two cents...
  6. I'd also love to have a feature, which lets me pick my own thumbnail. The current algorithm is -lets name it- random. For me as user it makes absolutely no sense to use this algorithm. In each of my notes I have multiple images with more or less importance. And the thumbnail should be the most important or meaningful image. Not the one with the best proportions! Please, please include this feature!!!
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