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  1. My comments where exactly regarding the "selective sync notebooks" concept. As seen in this thread, many people including myself have obvious memory limitations on the desktop/laptop. The existence of "on demand sync" recognises this, and seems helpful. Not a user of the Evernote desktop app. I scan and drag to the web app, and use the iOS apps and the web app to look up - excellent for what they are intended to do.
  2. Just looked at it. More "some day" talk since 2011 - yes, I am still 100% completely sure. Anyway, I deleted my Mac OS X evernote app in 2012, missing out on Evernote filling up my harddrive and crashing frequently so re-sync was needed again and again. Instead I have been scanning to a local folder and dragging the scans manually onto the web app for 5 years now. Feeling irritated then grateful for actually having that opportunity. Luckily, paper is a dying animal in my country, so today I mostly open docs on iPhone/iPad and just export directly to Evernote there. I also scan 1-2 page docs directly to Evernote with my iPhone, but multipage double sided paper docs are too tedious for that. I feel lucky I do not desperately need selective sync for work, and have not been forced to use the App all those years ... for professionals selective sync is such a glaring omission from an otherwise great concept, that it obviously made the iOS App immediately. I remind myself that, in the end it is Evernotes stuff, so they are free to do what they feel like they need to do for them selves, to feel they have a fun day at work year after year.
  3. Look how old this thread is + response from Evernote: Never.
  4. Hi. Welcome to the forums! I believe that Phil Libin (CEO) mentioned that this kind of feature would have to come eventually (see Evernote podcast #28), so I think they are aware of the need. I imagine that it will take some time, though, to implement such a major change. I am looking forward to it By scanning to the cloud, I assume you mean scanning directly into Evernote without having it on your local drive. Even if this were possible, it is a moot point, because Evernote automatically syncs everything to your local drive. As for the third-party apps and giving away your login information, as I understand it, we no longer give this information to third-party developers. --- Thanks! I need to scan documents to Evernote exactly without having all my notebooks sync back to the originating desktop computer where I don't want/use them. For that the Evernote desktop client needs to have selective sync. Alternatively I want to delete the Evernote desktop client and instead use a 3rd party app for uploading scanned docs to evernote cloud directly, and that 3rd party app would preferably have a "no user interaction" option and only have online access to one "inbox" notebook in my Evernote account for security reasons. I found Scandrop, but it gets access to all notebooks and seems to need user interaction in the "scan to cloud" proces.
  5. Me too request: Please add selective sync of notebooks to the desktop apps / Clients (as in dropbox). I want to loose the sync-all desktop client (mac) today required for "automatic scan to cloud" in a secure way (with Cannon P150). The scanner connected computer is not where I look up notes. Or is there a scan to cloud solution without user interaction, where you do not use the Evernote email inbox or give your login away to 3rd party? Selective sync seems like such an obvious missing feature that i wonder what policy is behind it. in fact it is so obvious that it is on iPad and smartphones, and obviously, small laptops or desktops with other disk filling chores need it too ... obviously Yes?
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