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  1. Hey all. Sorry that Evernote didn't care enough to listen to your feedback. Yes, I left the company in January of 2015 when they laid off most of what was left of the Skitch team. Just so you know, we (the engineering team) cared about the product and wanted to make things right for all of you, but, you know, as always, management gets to decide what to do. The manner in which Skitch was added to the Evernote family, and it's rapid demise thereafter, is a sad story indeed.
  2. This should be working for you. We have not seen any issues nor had any reported by anyone other than yourself. Can you tell me exactly what you are trying to do? What window are you trying to capture and where are you clicking exactly? Thanks, Lester
  3. @AndysDisplayName - Would you mind private messaging me a copy of the PDF so we can look at why it may be getting corrupted? Thanks, Lester
  4. @TSB - The "Copy & Share URL" option creates a share URL and copies the URL to the clipboard, not the image. If you want to copy the image to the clipboard, just do a "command+c". Make sure that you don't have any annotations selected when you do that, otherwise it will just copy the annotations. Hope this helps, Lester
  5. @jmanooch - Would it be possible for you to PM me a copy of the PDF that you were using? Unfortunately, no amount of testing can catch all issues with all PDFs. The only way to fix it is by asking questions and getting a sample of the PDF that caused the issue. Thanks, Lester
  6. @soundsgoodtome - I agree, it's a good feature request. We'll consider it the next time we look at doing a feature release. Lester
  7. @soundsgoodtome - We substitute underscores for spaces because we support FTP/SFTP file upload, which excludes spaces. We also substitute underscores for many non-alphanumeric characters because we had several reported user issues. I agree that underscores are ugly, but they make the file name the most compatible it can be. I also agree that a preference would be the ideal solution. We just really don't have enough users asking for that feature. Lester
  8. The setting is in Skitch...Preferences...General. The settings for "Skitch Helper" determine the behavior of the Skitch menu app. Lester
  9. @davidjvr, Good suggestion, we'll consider it. In the meantime, you can change the title of the note before you export it and it will change the filename. Lester
  10. @Tote By chance are you replacing the PDF with the checkbox accidentally when you edit the note? Do you have the PDF selected in the note when you add the checkbox? I cannot reproduce the behavior you are seeing of losing the PDF when adding a checkbox, otherwise. Thanks, Lester
  11. Hi selfishy, You should be able to do exactly what you are wanting it to do. Can you PM me a screenshot of the progress bar you are referring to? Thanks, Lester
  12. Hi, Are you on a retina MBP? Assuming you are, what you are experiencing is the difference between points and pixels. It isn't actually doubling the number of pixels, it is just displaying as if it were on a non retina screen. Lester
  13. Hi, The short URL feature only works for Evernote share links (Skitch images or PDFs that have been saved to Evernote and shared). It does not work for the FTP file upload. You can use a 3rd party URL shortener for your FTP site uploads. Thanks, Lester
  14. Hi, Can you PM me a copy of the original PDF so we can see what might be going on? Thanks, Lester
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