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  1. Hey all. Sorry that Evernote didn't care enough to listen to your feedback. Yes, I left the company in January of 2015 when they laid off most of what was left of the Skitch team. Just so you know, we (the engineering team) cared about the product and wanted to make things right for all of you, but, you know, as always, management gets to decide what to do. The manner in which Skitch was added to the Evernote family, and it's rapid demise thereafter, is a sad story indeed.
  2. @soundsgoodtome - I agree, it's a good feature request. We'll consider it the next time we look at doing a feature release. Lester
  3. @soundsgoodtome - We substitute underscores for spaces because we support FTP/SFTP file upload, which excludes spaces. We also substitute underscores for many non-alphanumeric characters because we had several reported user issues. I agree that underscores are ugly, but they make the file name the most compatible it can be. I also agree that a preference would be the ideal solution. We just really don't have enough users asking for that feature. Lester
  4. The setting is in Skitch...Preferences...General. The settings for "Skitch Helper" determine the behavior of the Skitch menu app. Lester
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