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  1. Hey all. Sorry that Evernote didn't care enough to listen to your feedback. Yes, I left the company in January of 2015 when they laid off most of what was left of the Skitch team. Just so you know, we (the engineering team) cared about the product and wanted to make things right for all of you, but, you know, as always, management gets to decide what to do. The manner in which Skitch was added to the Evernote family, and it's rapid demise thereafter, is a sad story indeed.
  2. @jmanooch - Would it be possible for you to PM me a copy of the PDF that you were using? Unfortunately, no amount of testing can catch all issues with all PDFs. The only way to fix it is by asking questions and getting a sample of the PDF that caused the issue. Thanks, Lester
  3. @soundsgoodtome - I agree, it's a good feature request. We'll consider it the next time we look at doing a feature release. Lester
  4. @soundsgoodtome - We substitute underscores for spaces because we support FTP/SFTP file upload, which excludes spaces. We also substitute underscores for many non-alphanumeric characters because we had several reported user issues. I agree that underscores are ugly, but they make the file name the most compatible it can be. I also agree that a preference would be the ideal solution. We just really don't have enough users asking for that feature. Lester
  5. The setting is in Skitch...Preferences...General. The settings for "Skitch Helper" determine the behavior of the Skitch menu app. Lester
  6. I just tested it on a PDF I made, and it works fine. The only error message I get is "Unable to save document." Thanks. Yea, unfortunately those PDFs were not saved correctly by version 5.4.1. Are you able to start over with the original PDFs? Thanks, Lester
  7. Hi Craig, Have you tried a PDF that was not sent to you by others? Is the issue with just those PDFs or is it all PDFs? If you get an error message can you tell me what it is? Thanks, Lester
  8. Sorry about that. I saw that after I posted my reply. As a temporary workaround for files from that client it appears that opening the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader first and then doing a Save As repairs the file. Once I did that, I was able to annotate the file in Skitch. Thanks, Lester
  9. Hi southdowns, There is definitely an issue with the PDF that you are trying to annotate. There is an issue with the table of offsets to objects in the file. The file's table is incorrect which is causing us to crash. You might want to find a different PDF file generator or notify someone about the issue with the software that you are using. In the meantime we have put in a workaround in Skitch to deal with this type of problem. Stay tuned for notification of availability of the fix. Thanks, Lestre
  10. @Southdowns We think we have fixed the issue with the PDF that you posted, but we are wondering how you made it. Is there possibly an issue with the way the PDFs are being generated that is causing problems? Thanks, Lester
  11. @Southdowns We are looking at the PDF file that you posted as an example of the issue that you are reporting. I am able to reproduce an issue with that file (Skitch is hanging after adding an annotation and then scrolling). We are investigating what may be causing the issue. Thanks, Lester
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