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  1. Thanks so much for your message and feelings Wordsgood, I really appreciate it.. I would really love to help with anything and again I promise that we're back on full speed and we really owe it you all for our success so far.. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi everyone, This is Hussein, the founder of KustomNote. I sincerely apologize for the cut off period. I had a really hard time lately and things weren't playing to our advantage. First, I was planning to quit everything to focus fulltime on KustomNote to serve you all honoring your trust and reliance on us but I couldn't given the immigration laws of the USA. Second, I had to leave the company that I was working for in Virginia and I was fortunate to get such an amazing opportunity at an incredible company like Amazon but we had to move our life from the east-coast to the north west coast during that time. Third and the most devastating thing was that I lost my mother to cancer, again over that same period of time. Without being selfish and focused on losing her, I'm happy that she is in a much better place now not having to struggle with such an ugly fatal disease. May her soul rest in peace.. After I have clarified all of what had happened, I want to assure you all that KustomNote will continue on and it will flourish. My co-founders are taking the lead on development and maintenance and we have already hired two incredible agents for customer support and social media to solve any problems, make sure we are promptly responsive and answer any question or concern. We are in the process now of raising capital and I promise you all that you will be amazed by the new release for web and mobile. If you have any new features, ideas, fixes or enhancements in mind, please send us an email to founders@kustomnote.com If you are having any support questions or problems please send an email to help@kustomnote.com Sincerely, - Hussein
  3. Hi again all, I just wanted to quickly let you know that I have incorporated some of your suggestions for the public templates. Templates now are categories under a number of categories and there is also a basic search that searches in titles and descriptions of templates. Martin's idea of a taxonomy is much more flexible and useful so that wilI be rolled in soon. For now still the focus is on trying to getting offline note creation working. More features wil be added as well for the public templates, previews that is to start in addition to many other enhancements to make sure that everyone is getting the best out of that amazing, creative and professional community. Thanks again for your ideas all, I'll sure keep you posted BeyondVision and all of you, again if you think of anything or if you hate anything just let me know and I'll make sure to get it right.. All the best, - Hussein
  4. Hi all, Thank you really so much guys for the ideas and for your feedback. I have been travelling lately thats why development was slipping the schedule and roadmap in place. I'm back now and KustomNote will be evolving again at high speed specially with (sincerely) having wonderful users like you guys who are critical thinkers and problem solvers. I have deployed a few enhancements already like setting the template(s) to allow notebook selection every time its used for creating a note and selecting a category for the template. Your ideas are all really amazing. BeyondVision, I've added all your requests to the roadmap (for ratings, trending, top and others) and I promise to make all your dreams come true ASAP ; ) Development now is focused on offline access and having native applications for iOS and Android and I'll sure keep you guys posted. There is a feedback app for KustomNote at http://feedback.kustomnote.com/ I would really love it if you guys jot down any ideas or thoughts that you can think of. That is so so valuable and your insights are all seriously exceptional.. Thanks again for everything all.. - Hussein
  5. Thanks Simon. I'll sure add a page on the site for that, thanks for advice. Right now its as Martin guessed, Twitter and Facebook: ) For now, the new update in themes is that there is a new 100% text-based theme without any font formatting, backgrounds or graphics, just basic and plain. Regarding security, major changes were made to avoid the need on relying on Full-Access of the users accounts, Evernote are currently updating the application keys to request basic-access only with no access at all to data. Some functionality was sacrificed of course, like browsing through all your notebooks and notes that were created with and without KustomNote but the sacrifice is worth eliminating risks all together and hopefully get more amazing users on board! Martin, yes, KustomNote twitter handle is @kustomnote and the facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/KustomNote ; )
  6. Hi MrsB, we're changing that right now MrsB. KustomNote authorization will be only basic-access which entitles the app only to create notes, notebooks and tags with no access to data. Hi KSol007, your wish is our command! A forth theme has been added that is 100% text based without images, backgrounds or tables, basically as you stated, just simple and basic but with all the bells and whistles of fields, structures, types, smart fields, Google contacts, Google Calendar and all the other functions available. Check it out please KSol007 and let me know if you think that it should be improved somehow. There is also an idea/request submission feedback forum @ http://feedback.kustomnote.com/ so please add any ideas or thoughts there and/or vote on others ; ) All the best, - Hussein
  7. Thanks so much JBenson and GrumpyMonkey. You yourself are so amazing GrumpyMonkey and I was really thrilled to meet you in person at ETC2012. I really appreciate it all your amazing support, ideas and encouragement in building the app and the features and fixes along the way.. Thanks A LOT!
  8. Thanks GrumpyMonkey and thanks to you all, its my duty GrumpyMonkey. Its not coding, architectures or protocols that matters, its all about the actual amazing people using them and their precious data. I'll be pushing several updates this week too, so you guys lookout for new enhancements... You can now all share your voice, ideas, thoughts about new features, enhancements or issues at http://feedback.kustomnote.com Would love to hear from you all!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Hussein, the developer of KustomNote.com. Thanks so much everyone for your feedback, encouragement and comments. Regarding the threat that was discovered by Dave, I was notified just last night about Dave's finding and I didn't sleep all night doing all possible exhaustive test with my fellow developers trying to replicate that incident and work on a solution. Our findings concluded that this could have only happened with Dave due to a glitch in the caching mechanism implemented to elevate the system performance. To be 100% sure that this would never happen to any single one as an anomaly we have turned off all caching of notebooks, notebooks listing and notes traversal to be completely on the safe side. Just for the record and to assure you all, Evernote cannot be safer than it is, it would have not been ever possible for someone (even in Dave's case) to even browse the note titles in a notebook, such calls are highly restricted by the Evernote API and is not possible without explicit calls with the authentication tokens. Regarding opening or reading notes, as you all have noticed, KustomNote does not even touch or open notes, it just embeds your Evernote window on the page for convenience. This window, as you've all probably noticed is an actual Evernote window that asks for your login and credentials. If you log out of Evernote (in a separate tab), in order to just display one of your notes, you will see the Evernote login again to just display the note. I want you all to rest assured that the application is totally secure and Evernote is so securely locked down even for authenticated applications. As a developer, and a system architect I really admire the Evernote platform - compared to all other platforms- specially when it comes to security, anyone can easily tell that this point ranks so high followed by everything else like performance, flexibility and other factors. Thanks so much to Dave for catching this incident and reporting it quickly and please let me know anyone if you'd like to have anything changed or added to the application. Sincerely, - Hussein
  10. Thanks so much ETC was really incredible.. it was so so much fun, great freebies and really awesome people sure including you GrumpyMonkey.. it was so great to meet you in person : ) Yep, KustomNote won the Silver DevCup!! Sure GrumpyMonkey, much more to come ; ) as I said in the presentation, offline access, mobile applications as well as desktop applications.. so exciting to see that the application is put in really good use by our so smart users..
  11. Thanks so much Simon, I really appreciate your feedback. I'll add a much more minimal, text-based theme ASAP Simon. Thanks so much and please share any other ideas or suggestions that you might think of... that would be immensely helpful and so much appreciated Simon..
  12. Hi all, I've created an application called KustomNote.com at http://kustomnote.com. GrumpyMonkey knows about and has been so helpful indeed. Its facilitates styling and having more structure in the notes created. The application allows you to create note templates/forms, pick a theme, send email reminders and pre-define the fields to be used with different types like date, numbers, files, even movies and music and Google Contacts. Please check it out guys and sure let me know if I can be of any help, - Hussein
  13. Hey brookhouse, It is indeed, using Evernote's platform (API) I have created http://kustomnote.com. for Evernote, its a web app. It allows you to create, as you said, forms for note templates, pick a theme for the form/template, send email reminders and pre-define the fields to be used with different types like date, numbers, files, even movies that pulls from RottenTomatoes API and music that is backed by iTunes API and Google Contacts as well. Please check it out and I'd be more than happy to help with anything, - Hussein
  14. Hi guys, I think you guys would really like KustomNote.com. It does exactly that. I have created http://kustomnote.com. for Evernote, its a web app that allows you to create note templates, pick a theme, send email reminders and pre-define the fields to be used with different types like date, numbers, files, even movies and music and Google Contacts. Please check it out and I'd be more than happy to help with anything, - Hussein
  15. Hi guys, I've created an application called KustomNote.com at http://kustomnote.com. The web app allows you to create note templates, pick a theme, send email reminders and pre-define the fields to be used with different types like date, numbers, files, even movies and music and Google Contacts. Music and Video SmartFields auto-completes artist names, albums and movies and for Google contacts, you can link multiple Google accounts and doing so, creating and editing your templates you'll find a new field type created for every google account connected. Using this field in creating notes it will autocomplete using your Google contacts address book and it will also generate a snippet with emails, Google maps to addresses, links to Facebook and twitter as well if they are connected somehow to that person directly in your address book or on their GooglePlus profile. Please check it out guys and please let me know if I can help with anything. Cheers, - Hussein
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