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  1. Thanks so much for your message and feelings Wordsgood, I really appreciate it.. I would really love to help with anything and again I promise that we're back on full speed and we really owe it you all for our success so far.. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi everyone, This is Hussein, the founder of KustomNote. I sincerely apologize for the cut off period. I had a really hard time lately and things weren't playing to our advantage. First, I was planning to quit everything to focus fulltime on KustomNote to serve you all honoring your trust and reliance on us but I couldn't given the immigration laws of the USA. Second, I had to leave the company that I was working for in Virginia and I was fortunate to get such an amazing opportunity at an incredible company like Amazon but we had to move our life from the east-coast to the north west coast during that time. Third and the most devastating thing was that I lost my mother to cancer, again over that same period of time. Without being selfish and focused on losing her, I'm happy that she is in a much better place now not having to struggle with such an ugly fatal disease. May her soul rest in peace.. After I have clarified all of what had happened, I want to assure you all that KustomNote will continue on and it will flourish. My co-founders are taking the lead on development and maintenance and we have already hired two incredible agents for customer support and social media to solve any problems, make sure we are promptly responsive and answer any question or concern. We are in the process now of raising capital and I promise you all that you will be amazed by the new release for web and mobile. If you have any new features, ideas, fixes or enhancements in mind, please send us an email to founders@kustomnote.com If you are having any support questions or problems please send an email to help@kustomnote.com Sincerely, - Hussein
  3. Hi all, I've created an application called KustomNote.com at http://kustomnote.com. GrumpyMonkey knows about and has been so helpful indeed. Its facilitates styling and having more structure in the notes created. The application allows you to create note templates/forms, pick a theme, send email reminders and pre-define the fields to be used with different types like date, numbers, files, even movies and music and Google Contacts. Please check it out guys and sure let me know if I can be of any help, - Hussein
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