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  1. REQUEST: Evernote for Linux

    I'd definitely pay for a continuous yearly subscription if there was an official Linux client. All the Premium features I don't care. Even if there was just a Linux client with Basic account features, I'd still pay the Premium price. (Yes, I have tried the unofficial Linux clients. With very bad experiences.)
  2. Updating the password seemed to be quite easy and painless. After reading the blog post I changed my email from the web client. Then updated the OS X app and iOS app. No problems. BUT the Android update was a fail. It said that I should reset my password even though I already had reset it and successfully logged in with the new password with the other clients. So I created a new password yet again in Android but then I get a message saying the password is wrong... huh, how can a new password be wrong? Well it turned out the dialogs were off. They told me to reset but actually it just wanted me to log in. But after I log in it asks a password again and this time I'm not sure if it wants me to create a new password or just log in (again)? I ended up signing out of all the clients, making yet another password in the web client, and logging in. This solved all issues. Except for some reason signing out of the Android client deleted all cache and now I have to wait for a full sync (looks like it's going to take an hour). I don't understand why logging out removes the cache. This didn't happen on iOS.
  3. Seems like developer token's were also reset. Any idea how Evernote stored the tokens?
  4. I'm considering switching from iPhone to Android and I'm currently testing how well my day-to-day apps work with Android. I just installed Evernote for this cheap low-end Android phone I'm using for testing (a 2010 model running an ICS custom ROM). What can I say? Boy does Evernote run smooth! I would have never expected this kind of performance. Especially on a device like this. Compared to my iPhone 4 the difference is huge. The iOS version stutters and lags all the time when scrolling but the Android version just flows! Kudos to the Evernote Android team! This is some exemplary programming!
  5. Thanks for the reply! You are absolutely right. It wasn't Evernote, it was the mail server I was using. After switching to Google's SMTP server I can send those long non-ascii titles without any issues. edit: Well, I guess Evernote (at least the Sandbox) does have a part in this. When I use the "problematic" mail server to send one of those long titles to my gmail account there are no issues at all. But when I send it to sandbox.evernote.com the titles turn out wrong. Character encoding is a real PITA
  6. When making a note via email the title of the note breaks when the note title (email subject) contains non-ascii characters within ascii characters (like 'oöo') and the note title (email subject) is long enough to be split into multiple lines (by MIME) Example: Sending an email to Sandbox Evernote account with the following subject: Erlkönig http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Erl_king_sterner.jpg Turns up as: Erlk=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=F6?=nig http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Erl_king_sterner.jpg Please note the "Erlk=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=F6?=nig..." in the beginning. (I can't color code inside code-tags.) While short titles with non-ascii within ascii such as: Erlkönig and long titles with non-ascii next to spaces ö kö ök öö http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Erl_king_sterner.jpg work without problems This seems to only concern the Sandbox Evernote. Regular Evernote handles all of the above correctly. Edit: After some further experimenting this bug causes another inconsistency: When the title is really really long Evernote inserts spaces somewhere between the characters. This only happens when there are non-ascii within ascii characters also in the title. I.e. it's the same bug but different manifestation. For example this title (without any spaces in the url and with a non-ascii character wrapped in ascii): Erlkönig http://www.reallyreallyreallylonguniformresourcelocatorredirection.com/redirectionator.php?theredirectioncode=this8takes8us8to8the8evernote8discussion8forums8which8are8located8at8discussion8dot8evernote8dot8com Turns up in Sandbox Evernote as this (incorrectly displayed non-ascii + 2 added spaces): Erlk=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=F6?=nig http://www.reallyreallyreallylonguniformresourcelocatorredirection.com/red irectionator.php?theredirectioncode=this8takes8us8to8the8evernote8discussion8f orums8which8are8located8at8discussion8dot8evernote8dot8com Please note the "Erlk=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=F6?=nig..." in the beginning and the extra spaces in "...red iredctionator.php..." and "...discussion8f orums..." And in the regular Evernote as this (2 added spaces, non-ascii is fine though): Erlkönig http://www.reallyreallyreallylonguniformresourcelocatorredirection.com/red irectionator.php?theredirectioncode=this8takes8us8to8the8evernote8discussion8f orums8which8are8located8at8discussion8dot8evernote8dot8com Note the extra spaces in "...red iredctionator.php..." and "...discussion8f orums..." I use regularly really long titles so this is a bug I would like to see fixed. Thank you!
  7. Every 15 minutes... sounds like you are getting them on each sync then. (You have 'sync automatically every 15 minutes' turned on?) I get the leaks when I start the app and with each sync. I have submitted a ticket about the issue. It might speed things up if you submitted another one http://evernote.com/contact/support/
  8. I have this issue too on OS X 10.6.8 and Evernote 3.3.0 (300201). Upon starting I get around 750+ lines of __NSAutoreleaseNoPool() leaks Every sync produces another 30-100 lines.
  9. ios Help: Old version of note synced over new one

    I encountered a similar problem today. I attached pictures to an old note with the OS X version of Evernote. A couple of hours later I updated the iOS version to 4.3 from Appstore and launched the app. After that Evernote synced an old version of the note on top of the new one. I went to the desktop version to check and it just started to sync and now the old version was there too. So now I have only the old note and have lost all my edits. I am not a premium user. However there were less than 8 hours between my edit and the disastrous sync so even the history would have not saved me. I have already filed a ticket to support.
  10. mac (Archived) 3.1.2 doesn't remember keychain permission

    Just updated to official 3.2.0 and the bug is gone. Thank you for fixing this!
  11. mac (Archived) 3.1.2 doesn't remember keychain permission

    That is so not a fix. It's exchanging a bug to a security hole. BTW, why is the Activity Log always empty? It used to be full of debug info. It seems like ~/Library/Logs/Evernote is also not used anymore... why not? I'm running OS X 10.6.8 Evernote Version 3.1.2 (257203) edit: Perhaps of relevance: I'm running a multiuser system. My normal user account does not have admin rights.