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  1. I'd definitely pay for a continuous yearly subscription if there was an official Linux client. All the Premium features I don't care. Even if there was just a Linux client with Basic account features, I'd still pay the Premium price. (Yes, I have tried the unofficial Linux clients. With very bad experiences.)
  2. I encountered a similar problem today. I attached pictures to an old note with the OS X version of Evernote. A couple of hours later I updated the iOS version to 4.3 from Appstore and launched the app. After that Evernote synced an old version of the note on top of the new one. I went to the desktop version to check and it just started to sync and now the old version was there too. So now I have only the old note and have lost all my edits. I am not a premium user. However there were less than 8 hours between my edit and the disastrous sync so even the history would have not saved me. I have already filed a ticket to support.
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