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  1. I've been a Premium user for about 10 years and the version 10 "web app" for Mac is slow, unusable and buggy. This is a clear example when the business objectives to have a unified product experience succeeds at the expense of the customers. I have always felt this is a lazy and cynical business strategy. I use Evernote on my desktop, web (on my Windows machine) and iPhone and iPad. I think apps should be designed to take advantage of the strengths and the workflow for each platform. That's my opinion but I'm an engineer and not a product manager. Fundamentally, my primary issue is that the editor cannot keep up with my typing. That's the deal breaker right there. Also, the search doesn't seem to persist. It seems to change contexts to the notebook of the note when I select a search item. I haven't properly researched the exact behavior but I seem to recall that search seems to be broken. There are a couple of small advantages to being a web app like the embedded youtube and other links, pdfs and rich content within the note seems to be better. However, a lot of easy access to the the formatting tools seems to be missing. I'm not about to give up my Premium subscription but I'm happy to see there is a downgrade path: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote I'm currently using Evernote Legacy 7.14.1 and it's the Evernote App that I know and love. I can edit and manage notes with speed again. Happy feelings. I'll be back to evaluate Evernote 10 next quarter once the performance and bugs are resolved. Still a happy customer - even after product missteps.
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