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  1. please pink elephant, taking good notes and spelling things correctly are boons to productivity. evernotes core goal should be aiding people to be more productive. basically evernote has been playing catchup for years and this is a feature that by now most other productivity based web apps have...also it's an integration and not building something from scratch. if a competitor had courted me with an easy way to transfer all my notes and had things like grammerly integration then i'd jump ship. evernote has just be historically slow at new features.
  2. so it appears it was a cache issue. idk what evernote could do in the future to prevent this.... I cleared all my browsing history/cache/ etc. and logged back in and all my notes are there.
  3. the one on the RIGHT is an incognito window...all my notes show up including dupes i made because i thought they weren't saving the one on the LEFT is my current window...of which i have logged out and in multiple times. MISSING notes etc. I will try right now to see if it's a cache issue.
  4. For some reason it only shows my notes created before OCT 17. any note i created after does not show up anymore. I have logged out, cleared my cache etc... and nothing. Now if I clip that same note from the web...it miraculously shows up until I close the tab. Also weirdly my evernote logs me out when i hit this support page.
  5. they should just figure out how to progressively load the dang images. i see it more as a ux design problem than feasibility. i already have the notes stored, with the images. when i load the note again the images appear...they are there, so just tell me they are there...the broken image scares me. not a good user experience...if i'm thinking the thing i pay for to keep my notes is broken and not keeping them.
  6. much thanks. yeah it happens on diff wifi locations....and i am a premium user. But on my iphone, all the images, no matter how many, load fine, in the same note. On the same wifi as the web app. Maybe... they are progressively loading ( i assume) as i scroll but still no need to refresh the note on the iphone.
  7. Notes with many images always show broken links when first loading. but clicking a different note, then back to 'many images' note loads more of the images...but not all. You have to do this action many times before all images are loaded. What gives?
  8. Because Evernote hasn't wanted to?? ...nice try. I said 'good'. I seriously doubt anyone at evernote reads these forums anyways. People have just been yelling at the evernote wall for like 2 years about nested stacks. They continue to ignore. I know evernote thinks they're too big to fail but all it will take is some young startup to come along and mimic their core features while improving a bit of the UX. I'd move on in a heart beat. I have a few other gripes as well but I'll save them for the proper threads. It's really ridiculous for a company to ignore a feature that has been requested for years. Also a feature that is common place in any file organization methodology. Common place. When you use stacks for the first time, your initial reaction is to nest stacks. Ok...rant over. Back to my crappy un-nested stacks.
  9. The canon: * A note belong to exactly one notebook * A notebooks belongs to no more than one stack (0 or 1); notebooks cannot contain other notebooks * A stack contains one or more notebooks; they cannot contain notes or other stacks * Tags may be applied to multiple notes, but not to notebooks or stacks; conversely, a note may have multiple tags. Your tags may be organized by nesting, but that nesting is not recognized in any search/filtering operations in Evernote. Tags are expressive in terms of their ability to be combined with other tags; the ability to do so allows you to create organization across different notebooks and other tag organizations; You may also use wildcards on the end of tag names in searches to capture notes that have tags with a similar prefix; some Evernote users use this property to express hierarchy. I would love to understand this convention.... seems ridiculously limiting for no reason than to mimic real life notebooks. And yet in real life I "stack" stuff however I like. Multiple stacks is not something that should be tied to some out-dated mantra. It's a usability issue. Evernote is about organization and any tool that would aid that should be used. Evernote has been slow as hell on improvements for a while and as a paying member for prob 2+ years I'm getting frustrated. I literally need nested stacks to keep up with my work. Give me 1 good reason that nested stacks should not be implemented.
  10. I think it would be integral for EN to do something like a pdf preview, ie. when you click a pdf on the web from your phone or even desktop. I do hate it when I can't even look at the pdf. Now this doesn't have to open on default, just give us users a chance to preview instead of downloading it. PDF currently works like this on my iPhone when surfing and viewing from the web.
  11. i have 13.0 and just downloaded web clipper from the link posted above and it just flashes randomly after i hit the sign in button. the drop down flashes and then shrinks and does nothing.....wtf. anyone know a fix for this and yes i restarted my computer.
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