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  1. there are many ways to do this. a lot of note apps and applications that have to deal with large amounts of data do multi-select. it is an interface that is as old as time....i suspect the reason desktop doesn't have it is partially business driven...(probably misguided) and partially technical implementation difficulty.... but either way it is lame. I have worked in product in the tech industry for 12+years at this point and to have an app that doesn't do a basic function of the core product is not really justifiable.
  2. please pink elephant, taking good notes and spelling things correctly are boons to productivity. evernotes core goal should be aiding people to be more productive. basically evernote has been playing catchup for years and this is a feature that by now most other productivity based web apps have...also it's an integration and not building something from scratch. if a competitor had courted me with an easy way to transfer all my notes and had things like grammerly integration then i'd jump ship. evernote has just be historically slow at new features.
  3. so it appears it was a cache issue. idk what evernote could do in the future to prevent this.... I cleared all my browsing history/cache/ etc. and logged back in and all my notes are there.
  4. the one on the RIGHT is an incognito window...all my notes show up including dupes i made because i thought they weren't saving the one on the LEFT is my current window...of which i have logged out and in multiple times. MISSING notes etc. I will try right now to see if it's a cache issue.
  5. ok i'll try this right now and see.
  6. For some reason it only shows my notes created before OCT 17. any note i created after does not show up anymore. I have logged out, cleared my cache etc... and nothing. Now if I clip that same note from the web...it miraculously shows up until I close the tab. Also weirdly my evernote logs me out when i hit this support page.
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