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  1. Thank you. What I did was a two step process for each. I removed the notebook from the stack and then added it to the other stack. That seems to have worked.
  2. Then it sounds like I can move each notebook separately from one notebook to the other - is that right? I can move whole notebooks not the individual notes? Thanks.
  3. 1 other thing. I have two notebooks named "Government" and "!Government". I added the "!" to make it come first. Neither notebook has anything but both have many subsidiary notebooks. How do I make one of them? Thanks.
  4. Thank you - I'm getting this thing as I need it!
  5. Thank you. Is there a way to eliminate the unused notebook?
  6. How do I select all notes that I want to move? Thank you.
  7. By accident, I have two notebooks with similar content - say "Social Security Medicare" and "Medicare". Is there a way to move all content to one notebook and delete the other? Thank you.
  8. Answering my own question. Apparently one needs to remove the notebook from the stack via a right clickl and then add the notebook to another stack also via a right click.
  9. I have Evernote Premium. I recently witched from Windows 8.1 to a MacBook Pro Retiua running Mavericks. However, I also have installed Parallels. I have a notebook stack labelled Governmtn and one labelled !Government. Obviously, the latter comes up higher in the list of notebooks and stacks. I am a Set Representative and would like to switch individual notebooks out of one stack to another. This used to be easy with Windows, but I can't find a way to do it with OS X. Now I could install the windows version of Evernote in Parallels and do it that way, but I wanted to see if there were any Mac aficionados present who knew how to do this with the Mac version. I opened a ticket with Evernote, but it is a Saturday and I'd like to get this done this weekend. Thanks
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