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  1. randial, I usually have 4-5 pages (sometimes much longer) to 'print' -- so screenshots are a bit cumbersome.
  2. I have windows... so this is worth looking at. The difference would be that in Onenote, I print, then decide where it is to go, regardless of placement of a file on my computer. With this, in Evernote, I print, but it has to be to an 'authorized folder' on my computer, chosen ahead of time and registered in Evernote, then it gets sent to my default folder for later re-filing? If I understand correctly, it is still not as smooth as in Onenote, in which I can print in WordPerfect straight to Onenote without having to convert to PDF. I need to play with this, I may be making it seem harder than it is. Thank you for your response!!
  3. I've been trying out Evernote and Onenote. One feature I like in Onenote is that it sets a printdriver which allows me to print a document directly into Onenote. Does Evernote have such a driver available? Right now I'm printing to PDF, then copying it into an appropriate Evernote file... it works, but eliminating a step would work even better. My workflow with Onenote is to print the document to a physical printer for distribution, then, by just changing the 'printer' I can print directly into an Onenote appropriate folder. Allen
  4. I'm running Evernote Touch on my Asus T100TA and am finding it extremely frustrating. I'm running WIN 8.1.1... but I've had this same problem before any updates took place. 1) when I open ET, it often, most often, will show 'Create', 'Shortcuts', 'Reminders', 'Get More' and 'Notes' only --- no mention of Notebooks, etc. If I search for a document, THEN 'Notebooks' will appear after I cancel the search (tap left arrow on top left of screen). 2) when I choose, for instance, a .pdf file to open -- I tap the button, but instead of the pdf document opening, the program just goes back to the Start Screen of WIN 8. The program is still running (e.g. it still appears with a top left rightward swipe), but now 'Notebooks' is missing again. 3) the program spends more time cutting back to the Start screen than it does actually giving me my documents. 4) When it does actually work and let me attempt to edit a document (non-pdf), it keeps refreshing every 10 seconds or so causing me to keep scrolling down within the document to find my place again. Bottom line -- I can't count on Evernote Touch to actually work when and where I need it to work. The WIN 8 desktop version works fine, but is miserable when it comes to scrolling, etc. The print is so small, my apparently fat fingers have trouble selecting the wanted items. Documents don't scroll by touch, only by using the scroll bar on the right... next to impossible to use by touch. By the way... the same pdf document I can't open in ET without tapping it open, is fully open in the desktop version... no buttons to tap at all. ET just doesn't seem to be at all stable. Allen
  5. Gazumped... Thank you for the 'Revo' help. I had uninstalled, but not nearly as completely as 'Revo' did! I reinstalled the recent WIN 8 desktop version and it is working just fine now. I appreciate your timely help!!
  6. Today my laptop and tablet, both WIN 8.1 began displaying runtime errors each time I've attempted to start Evernote. My WIN 8 phone does not have the same issue. I'm using the Evernote desktop version on both, although I have the Evernote Touch installed on my tablet as well. I just checked and it seems to work fine -- (Evernote Touch on my tablet) I tried reinstalling v. on my laptop and received the same error. I tried downgrading to v. on my laptop and received the same error. How can I have the same exact problem on both my laptop and tablet at the same time? I've had no problems with either in the past. Allen by the way... I did submit a ticket.
  7. I understand the need to remain competitive... and maybe even to be a bit flashy... but this new update for the Chrome web clipper is not helping at all. I find it confusing (of course any new thing has the potential for being confusing), but what was wrong with an easy, intuitive clipper as you had. Yes, periodically it didn't clip exactly what I wanted, but nobody saw it but me and I knew what parts to ignore. Now it seems you are trying to have it do everything, and lost the easy, intuitive factor. I've used it while gathering materials for a paper and found it so much more work that I actually began to just take physical notes with pen on paper. Definitely a major step backwards.
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