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  1. randial, I usually have 4-5 pages (sometimes much longer) to 'print' -- so screenshots are a bit cumbersome.
  2. I have windows... so this is worth looking at. The difference would be that in Onenote, I print, then decide where it is to go, regardless of placement of a file on my computer. With this, in Evernote, I print, but it has to be to an 'authorized folder' on my computer, chosen ahead of time and registered in Evernote, then it gets sent to my default folder for later re-filing? If I understand correctly, it is still not as smooth as in Onenote, in which I can print in WordPerfect straight to Onenote without having to convert to PDF. I need to play with this, I may be making it seem harder than it is. Thank you for your response!!
  3. I've been trying out Evernote and Onenote. One feature I like in Onenote is that it sets a printdriver which allows me to print a document directly into Onenote. Does Evernote have such a driver available? Right now I'm printing to PDF, then copying it into an appropriate Evernote file... it works, but eliminating a step would work even better. My workflow with Onenote is to print the document to a physical printer for distribution, then, by just changing the 'printer' I can print directly into an Onenote appropriate folder. Allen
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