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  1. I would like you guys to bring back quick addition to the taskbar or something like that. It was a feature I used a lot and in version 10 it doesn't exist anymore. Will you bring it back?
  2. The problem is: move to which app? Onenote it is a pain too. Did anyone use their web clipper? It's too slow and in most times don't work, besides it sync problems, still exist
  3. Same problem here, but when I use web clipper tool, and besides that some tags are showing duplicate
  4. Where is it?Today is 29/6 and still can't see this update in play store
  5. One feature in Onenote allows you to print a document directly into Onenote. Does Evernote have such a driver available or there will be in the future?
  6. Did someone managed to figure out how to do this?
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