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  1. Just wanna let u guys know that I have refer to below link for tech support contact by following way recommended by @NanetteK, and my EN v8.13.3 can successfully sign in after the assistance from EN tech support! 😃👍👍 https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (thank @PinkElephant for providing the link in English!) Thanks guys for your kind assistance and now I'm a happy man with the legacy EN again! And indeed I would say EN Tech support is quite helpful if we refer to the correct party! 😃 Special thanks to Raven B. from tech team!
  2. Hi there @NanetteK, I have followed your link provided but it's not in English. Do you have an email that I could send evernote team for the IP and Agent Info for them to assist with the issue? Many thanks!
  3. Weirdly enough... the problem seems to go away now 😄
  4. Yes, I faced the same error. However my another device on android 9 is working fine.
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