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  1. Hi gazumped - for incoming mail, yes, forwarding or clipping will do the trick... Incoming email will end up as a note in EN with header info intact. When I send emails to cusomers, it would be great to simply BCC my EN address and be done with it... but I find it helpful to have the time/date the email was sent in the note so I go through the step of forwarding the Outgoing email from my Sent box. Sorry, not sure what this means "if you send a draft note that way, the extra detail is superfluous"..... Draft note ? Cheers - thanks as always for your perspective. CB
  2. I push a ton of customer emails into EN by BCCing my EN address. However this method leaves out all of the header info (To, From , Date/Time sent etc.) Having that information included in the note if very helpful... enough that I usually now take the step of sending the email normally, then going into my Sent folder and forwarding a copy to EN from there (the email program will put the original header info in the body of the email). Wondering if this is just me, or if others would find it helpful to have option of header information at top notes created by emailing into your account ?
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