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  1. I am a 10 year user of Evernote. I have hundreds of notebooks, several of which contain over 500 notes. Previously there was an alphabet index along the side of the notes in notebooks for the app for both iPad and iPhone. This index was invaluable for a quick location of a specific note deep in the alphabet. In a notebook with over 500 notes it takes quite a while to scroll through the entire alphabet to locate specific notes. I’ve complained about and requested this previously, as have many other Evernote users. I was told I can just use the search bar to find a note, but this is a timely and inefficient method of locating notes that begin with any letter beyond A in the alphabet. It’s insulting to get notified all of the updates but this simple request gets ignored. Please return the alphabet index!
  2. As a Premium user it infuriates me that you again have removed the alphabet index bar for IOS version of Evernote. This make finding my notes inside multiple notebooks so much more difficult. You removed the index feature once before and the EN community complained loudly and the index was restored. One would think you’d have a clue that this is an important feature which EN users reply on. I too will be looking for an alternative platform for future use if the alphabet bar is not restored for IOS devices post haste.
  3. Please bring the alphabet index back to IOS devices using Evernote. Multiple notebooks with over 500 notes really does require this for Evernote to be useful. Thank you.
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