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  1. Encourage all Evernote users to contact support. They only act on topics that a lot of people want.
  2. Please bring back the alphabet on the side of a notebook in IOS. Scrolling through hundreds of notes is a pain in the behind. The Search function is not accurate and brings up more notes than necessary even when typing in the exact title.
  3. I would like them to bring back the alphabet on the side of the notebook. Takes longer to find notes.
  4. It also no longer has the alphabet listed on the side of the notebook. Takes more time to scroll through all the notes in a notebook.
  5. It is frustrating and very time consuming to have to scroll down through a notebook to find a particular note. The search function is not a good alternative because it still brings up many notes even when I type in the exact title. Tags don't work either because I tag notes a lot, so again I get many notes to have to scroll through. The last version made it so easy to just tap on the alphabet letter and you go directly to that area of the notes. I have over 900 notes in one notebook. Very time consuming to find the note I'm looking for. Very disappointed in this version. Bring back the other one, please!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm frustrated with Blackboard and am moving all my files to Evernote and will share folders with my students. Anybody else doing this and have some suggestions?
  7. Might anyone know why in Evernote the attached Quicktime (.mov) file shows and plays fine on an iMac but not on an iPhone or iPad? 01aa.mov
  8. I have a master note that looks like this, with the individual linked class note: Week 01a Tuesday, August 20 Week 01b: Thursday, August 22 ...and so forth. Is there a way to change the dates on each class note without having to relink each note again to a master note? Might there be a better way to accomplish my overall objective for each semester? Thank you, Roy
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