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  1. Hello 3P EN Forum I want to be able to create a reminder in Evernote and have it show up in iCal in a Sunrise calendar. Any ideas anyone?... From time to time I revisit the issue of the lack of sync between Evernote reminders and an actual calendar. On my last effort I decided to give Sunrise a go. It works beautifully re putting Evernote reminders into its calendar. You can actually edit the Evernote in Sunrise and it syncs perfectly. However, the downside of Sunrise is that it only works off-line on a Chrome extension. As I'm only using Safari I'm stuck with the web/on-line version. I use iCal for my main calendar mainly because it's an off-line OS X app. I've tried working with Event Noted and it goes up to an extent but let's face it, it's a hassle: tagging, then typing the date and time out. Also, no 2 way sync between reminders edited in iCal. Is there any way that I can get the Evernote reminders that appear in Sunrise to pop up in iCal. I've tried everything I can think of and although it seems like it should work, it doesn't. iCloud sync is not the same as iCal sync. I believe the Evernote/Sunrise link is creating Reminders which afaik are only available on iOS. ...better still, anyone at EN going to come clean on if and where addressing the infamous missing calendar is on the roadmap? Best Regards JohnP
  2. Hi GBarry Got my Apple Watch today and went to work trying to get the Evernote Watch app to work. Currently it tells me it's loading on my iPhone - keeps spinning. The icon appears on the watch but spins when i hit it. Possibly this is because I'm using the latest EN iOS beta. I downloaded the App Store version too but nothing changed. Any thoughts? Best JohnP
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