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  1. What are you talking about? Their CEO, Phil Libin, has promised they were working on precisely this (notebook-level encryption), and planned to release it before the end of the year or shortly afterwards. From the Evernote Podcast episode 40, from October 30th, around 51 minutes in: "We actually got a super cool, uh, we're really really beefing up how we do client-side encryption across the board […] it's something we are hard at work now across multiple clients."
  2. Dropbox seems to be having similar problems with the new file format. If I upload a ".pages" document, and try re-downloading it, I end up with a ".pages.zip" file, so this isn't limited to Evernote. I hope there is a workaround. This is making Evernote pretty hard to use for my school docs.
  3. Hey GM, I think you may be right here. Even though Evernote's business model doesn't depend on advertising/tracking (which is good for us!), they aren't immune from unreasonable government requests. I found an article that explains this quite clearly: If the government wants something, they'll get it. I love Evernote, but I think that the Uplink motto "Trust is a weakness" applies here.
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