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  1. Had been greatly looking forward to the new Evernote for iOS. The lags in creating and opening notes in the previous architecture were a serious flaw and was thrilled that this new architecture was planned to speed up the entire work flow. BUT, unpleasantly surprised at how much functionality has disappeared in this new version. Have not done a complete review, but immediately noticed: share function to clip pages and content no longer captures title and no longer offers the option tag share function takes 5x or more longer to sync the now much less useful clip to cloud than p
  2. For me, the biggest weakness in Evernote is missing any way to easily insert unformatted notes at the top of a clipping, a weakness that has always existed. My work around was to always add a remark in Evernote Web Clipper. Now Evernote Web Clipper 7.0 has removed the remarks field leaving no way to easily insert notes on top of a web clipping. Please either restore remarks to Evernote Web Clipper and/or enable "remove formatting" to actually remove formatting for notes at the top of web clippings.
  3. Lost the ability to drag notes to folder shortcuts with new Evernote Windows 6.0.5 Love the new Evernote Windows 6.0.5, but one step back is that when you moved folder shortcuts from the left hand navigation menu to the top menu bar, we lost the ability to drag notes on to the shortcut. In the previous versions of Evernote Windows, I could position folder shortcuts at the top of the left hand menu and then drag notes on to the folder. Now that shortcuts are at the top, dragging the note on to the folder shortcut simply creates a new shortcut to the note I was dragging. I would l
  4. Workaround #1 worked. I hope you will push out an update quickly the restores "Snippets" view. When will 3D Touch gesture support be enabled?
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