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  1. I like it... so maybe it needs to be a user configurable choice?
  2. On my new Note 8, when I select handwriting, the S Pen responds slowly while writing. If I write on S Note, or Sketches, or Google Keep, the ink responds as expected. However, on Evernote, the ink is waaaaay behind the pen stroke. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Hi, I still have this problem. How many of us are on the "edge"??
  4. Chuck - you guys are certainly more responsive than in the old days. thanks!!!
  5. I don't think that asking for some features such as an "Insert date and time" and Palm rejection/palm screen (something that exists in Penultimate already!!) should make us run back to a MacBook. Everyone works differently and has different needs. This is what makes these boards so frustrating.. Evernote and their gurus have been telling us for years that we are working wrong instead of just helping us work the way we want. How many lectures on "tagging is the future" did we have to get simply because we preferred subnotebooks? Oh hey - here are some stacks. these are the future. And now there are tons of articles about how tagging is not the future. And please don't apologize to me for not using the same tool you do. Thanks.
  6. Hi - where is the palm rejection or palm rest for inking? how is the ability to auto correct a right angle more important than the actual ability to write comfortably on the ipad? Hello? Help? What? sigh....
  7. Hi , you guys are getting there, thanks. When will there be palm rejection or a palm rest in iOS sketching??
  8. how long have we waited for zooming? and it isn't like we were asking for functionality that wasn't already being done BY EVERYONE ELSE. I didn't need the wheel reinvented, I just needed it put onto my car.
  9. Terrible. Zooming should be more than just not zoomed and SUPER BIG. Dozens of other apps already do this correctly. How could EV miss the boat? Also wrist protection went from annoying to unusable. Can't we just get a shield like every other note app? They censored my comments off the blog post.
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