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  1. Based on the 150 + different quotes/and requests on selective sync in this forum I think selective sync should be a priority feature request. If you have the evernote with notebooks A B C and D and the desktop solution on 2 ore more different machnes, you should be able to select that on machine 1 you sync with notebook A B and on machine 2 from notebook A B and C and note book D is only in the cloud for instance this is how OneDrive and dropbox in practise work. It would most welcome if someone from EN developer team could comment on this I have been a premium user
  2. What is the status for developing selective sync of notebooks, a feature that was requested already in 2011. with selective sync I mean: if the evernote client is installed on several platforms or computer, user can select whis notebooks to sync (keep a copy of locally). everything will be store in the cloud. Dropbox and onedrive can do selective sync very simple. The evernote client has in my opinion fast better user interface than the web solutionand I prefer that.
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