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  1. Behind the scenes Evernote notes are 'just' HTML files. With KaTeX they could add LaTeX-like math notation into Evernote without much hassle: https://github.com/Khan/KaTeX It is even under a permissive license!! To see how reliable and easy it is, just try out the Electron-based note app 'Joplin', which uses Markdown for general formatting + KaTeX for math notes: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin And it allows the import of Evernote notes, syncing over multiple services and has a web clipper.
  2. This issue gets even worse on https://www.freshports.org/lang/ruby24/ In the attached screenshot the content.js belongs to the Evernote Web Clipper 7.2.1 ?
  3. I disabled the beta updates/features, uninstalled version 6.13 Beta 2 and installed the current stable version 6.11.2. I had to login again and the app's settings are back to their defaults but my local database was still present. The previously unsynced changes did sync without any issues.
  4. I am seeing the same issue as ej8899. Some notes are clipped and edited manually and some are emailed to my account and moved to another notebook. (Which means that these notes where not created locally!) The editing afterwards and the moving to other notebooks is still pending for me and I checked it on my other devices that these changes did not propagate to them.
  5. I can confirm this issue on the current Chrome stable build for Windows.
  6. Is e10s enabled for you? The upcoming multiprocess feature is going to break the Web Clipper: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1106708
  7. Web Clipper 6.1 works well on Firefox Developer Edition 41.0a2 but it still has issues with the DevEdition theme because the dark icon stays dark on the dark toolbar. Other icons usually have an alternative white version which fits better to the darker DevEdition theme. Can you please add support for the DevEdition theme?
  8. Several people here in the forum already confirmed that that 6.0 build has some serious issues which increases the memory usage and turns Firefox into a slow CPU hog after a few hours of usage. I doubt that it will pass the review.
  9. The pre-installed file manager on OS X. On Windows you would use the "Explorer".
  10. Version 6 from the addons.mozilla.org managed to slow down my Firefox 33.1.1 on Windows 8.1 significantly. Loading pages, closing tabs and everything else lagged considerably and the Firefox process grew above 1 GiB, while with the Web Clipper 5.9.1 it sits around 600 MiB and there is no noticeable lag even after several days of usage.
  11. Semi-Offtopic: If you are wondering why the Web Clipper for Chrome and for Firefox drifted apart so far from each other, this recent blog post might be interesting: http://omniref.com/blog/blog/2014/09/08/writing-extensions-for-firefox-is-barely-worth-the-trouble/ If development is no fun for the developer, using the end result might also be no fun for the end user.
  12. In 2012 I had this issue with not working Paypal payments for Premium and I got around it with gifting 1 year of Evernote Premium to myself and I payed that successfully over Paypal. My suggestion is that here in Germany Paypal has some issues with reoccurring payments but single payments, like the Premium gift, are working fine. Now my Premium expired, the Paypal subscription issue is still there and gifting to myself is not working because Evernote has limited gifting to Premium accounts due to some other violations in the past. I contacted the support but there is still no response, yet. It is really bad that Evernote did not try to address this issue after more than 2 years. Did they lay off a majority of their staff and the remainders are just there to barely keep the service running? I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this company.
  13. I noticed an unusual high CPU usage for Firefox even while it is showing no tabs (only about:blank) with Web Clipper 6 installed. I switched back to 5.9.1 and the CPU usage is back to normal. The CPU was constantly around 8-12% on a MacBook Air with i5 Ivy Bridge CPU.
  14. After 3 months of Firefox 26 in the Aurora, Beta and Stable channel this bug has finally been fixed. Imho this took way too long and more and more I have the feeling that Firefox isn't that important for the Evernote developers like Safari or Chrome. I get it that we are the last onces who get new features (IF we get them) but in the future please try to maintain compatibility with Firefox even before new changes hit the stable channel.
  15. I downgraded to Firefox 25 and it is still the same. If I wait long enough I see a notification about a too long running script and Firefox allows me to stop it manually. The script is localed here: chrome://webclipper3-common/content/libs/evernote/FF/Native/WinNativeAccessor.js:85edit: I just looked into that file and it happens here: Evernote.WinNativeAccessor.prototype.isEvernoteInstalled = function() { Evernote.logger.debug( "WinNativeAccessor.isEvernoteInstalled()" ); try { this.initialize(); if ( this.isEvernoteInstalledFn ) { return this.isEvernoteInstalledFn(); } }finally { this.cleanUp(); }};After reading its name I just reinstalled Evernote and clipping is now working again. So it seems like during the Windows 8.0 to 8.1 upgrade something went wrong with the Evernote installation. But despite this the web clipper should never freeze the whole browser if it does not find a correct Evernote installation.
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