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  1. Behind the scenes Evernote notes are 'just' HTML files. With KaTeX they could add LaTeX-like math notation into Evernote without much hassle: https://github.com/Khan/KaTeX It is even under a permissive license!! To see how reliable and easy it is, just try out the Electron-based note app 'Joplin', which uses Markdown for general formatting + KaTeX for math notes: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin And it allows the import of Evernote notes, syncing over multiple services and has a web clipper.
  2. This issue gets even worse on https://www.freshports.org/lang/ruby24/ In the attached screenshot the content.js belongs to the Evernote Web Clipper 7.2.1 ?
  3. I disabled the beta updates/features, uninstalled version 6.13 Beta 2 and installed the current stable version 6.11.2. I had to login again and the app's settings are back to their defaults but my local database was still present. The previously unsynced changes did sync without any issues.
  4. I am seeing the same issue as ej8899. Some notes are clipped and edited manually and some are emailed to my account and moved to another notebook. (Which means that these notes where not created locally!) The editing afterwards and the moving to other notebooks is still pending for me and I checked it on my other devices that these changes did not propagate to them.
  5. I can confirm this issue on the current Chrome stable build for Windows.
  6. It seems like this feature will never happen. The Evernote developers don't say anything about this anymore and the "Evernote Evangelists" are just acting like Evernote should never ever change and every missing feature is just a useless toy for a handful "nerds". I am missing LaTeX support in Evernote and characterizing it as a "nerd"-feature is not a way to excuse its absence. Putting your notes in a digital form into the cloud is already a very nerdy approach and therefore we should welcome such additional "nerd"-features. Currently Evernote is not working as a note-taking application for mathematics and I think a good note-taking application should be able to handle every kind of noteworthy content.
  7. In my opinion is Nixnote currently a very bad option for Linux users. Evernote's web-application is much better than the current implementation of Nixnote. Fedora: Installing the rpm package is no problem but starting Nevernote did not work. There seems to be a missing dependency or a the installed JDK was not compatible. Ubuntu: They have a PPA Repository with the slightly outdated 1.2 version. At least this version works. But Nixnote is still very slow. I have only ~600 notes in my account and Nixnote takes VERY long to even start with this amount of notes. It seems like Nixnote is using some very inefficient algorithms. I really hope that the rewrite for version 2.0 will change this.
  8. Instead of building a new Linux client from scratch why doesn’t Evernote just contribute to the existing work which already has been made for Nixnote? Nixnote could use a nicer GUI and the Evernote developers could help out there. ;-)
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